Epson Stylus CX3900

Epson Creativity Suite 1.1

Epson Creativity Suite

Powerful and easy–to–use photo management project software

Featuring a new photo software product, Epson Creativity Suite 1.1, the Stylus CX3900 represents a total imaging solution. Epson File Manager is the central application from which a range of powerful photo image management and manipulation projects is controlled. Epson File Manager delivers broad support for simple drag–and–drop batch–file projects, such as Easy Photo Print and Attach to E–mail.

A distinct benefit provided by the Epson File Manager is its multi–storage device access. Whether images are stored on the computer's hard disk, a connected Digital Still Camera or a range of other devices, Epson File Manager functions as a single–point interface. Adding functionality to Epson Creativity Suite is the host of image project management tools, which includes:

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