Epson Stylus Photo R250

Epson MicroPiezo™ Technology

MicroPiezo technology MicroPiezo technology Incredibly fine ink droplets at super fast speeds for minute details in text and graphics

With the development of MicroPiezo technology Epson established a major lead in the world of high performance and high quality inkjet printing. This advanced and outstanding technology delivers crucial benefits in faster ink ejection and the formation of small, accurately formed ink droplets - Super MicroDots.

These Super MicroDots are now three times smaller than previous Stylus printers allowing the latest Stylus inkjets to print at a world beating 5760x1440 optimal DPI using RPM Technology. In fact, Super MicroDot Technology creates ink droplets that are so small, they are almost at the very limit of human vision. As a result, Epson Stylus printers can create prints that exhibit high levels of photographic quality without the need for special inks or additional cartridges.

As the magnified images shown on the right demonstrate, the new generation Stylus ink dots (left) are far more precise and perfectly formed than the dots produced by inkjet technologies used by other manufacturers (right). In addition to providing 5760 x 1440 optimal DPI using RPM Technology, the new generation of Stylus inkjets print faster than previous models. This increase in speed is achieved by:

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