Epson Stylus C110

Epson Micro Piezo Print Head

MicroPiezo technology MicroPiezo technology

At the heart of every Epson inkjet printer is a technology that sets it well ahead of the competition — a Micro Piezo print head. It's exactly the same technology that many of the world's leading photographers, designers and signmakers use every day to achieve prints that are the world's best.

Instead of using a system that quite literally boils the ink to fire off ink droplets, the Epson Stylus C110's Micro Piezo print head technology takes full advantage of high–precision microelectronics to create perfectly spherical ink droplets at sizes as small as 3pl–so they are at the very limit of human vision.

High quality printing
Bring together advanced Epson print technologies, such as a Micro Piezo print head, Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) and Resolution Performance Management (RPM), and you have a printer that delivers beautifully detailed on–demand prints time after time.

Utilising advanced RPM technology, which exploits the incredible levels of ink control afforded by the Micro Piezo print head and VSDT, the Epson Stylus C110's printer driver intelligently determines the optimum ink droplet size for each minute area of the print. The result is an optimal balance between speed and quality, with RPM using medium–sized droplets for quickly laying down areas of solid colour, and finer droplets used in areas of gradation, blending and detail.

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