Epson Stylus CX1500

2880 Optimised dpi using RPM technology


When it comes to printing those special photos the Epson Epson Stylus CX1500 showcases the latest inkjet technologies and pushes photo quality printing for a 4 colour home printer to a higher standard.

Even though the Epson Stylus CX1500 is designed for home, small office and student use, it still delivers high quality photographic prints. Using the latest Photo RPM (Resolution Performance Management) Technology, the Epson Stylus CX1500 delivers superior print speeds and super-fine resolution up to 2880 Optimised DPI.

Coupled with Genuine Epson Inks and Papers this advanced technology results in superb photo quality output for most applications.

Epson Stylus series superlative speed is achieved through RPM technology that uses medium dots in areas of solid colour and smaller dots in areas of gradation and blending. With RPM technology, users enjoy speed when printing photos, graphics and other complex images without having to sacrifice quality.

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