Epson Stylus CX5300

Epson Smart Panel

The Epson Smart Panel software is your easy and direct means of accessing all the scanning functionality and power of the Epson Epson Stylus CX5300. In keeping with Epsons commitment to user-friendly software, the Epson Smart Panel provides single-click access to the integrated and powerful scanning tools that range from the creative through to serious business applications.

scant to web

Scan To Web: Allows you to take full advantage of one-point scanning and upload of photographs to your own secure photo albums on the Epson PhotoStation Web site. Businesses can utilise this by providing on-line access to images and scanned documents for business partners and customers.

Photo Print

Photo Print: Its like your own photograph duplication lab, but right on your desktop and fully under your control. With no more than a few clicks of the mouse, you can scan and print multiple copies of high quality photographs in a single operation.

scan for creativity

Scan for Creativity: This is your easy way to show your creativity in photographic special effects and editing. A click of the Scan for Creativity button and within seconds you can be creating your own very unique photograph-based marketing materials that set you ahead of your competition.

scan to file

Scan to File: With support for the leading industry standard image file formats, the Scan to File feature gives you the ability to scan and save photographs and images in the file format best suited for your needs and application. It even provides support for saving to Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).

scan to email

Scan to E-mail: The perfect solution for ensuring documents and photographs can be sent and received when and where theyre needed by using the power of e-mail. Whether youre sending important documents or family photographs, the Scan to E-mail feature of the Epson Smart Panel provides a simple, single-tool interface for rapid scanning and sending.

scan to application

Scan to Application: The Scan to Application Assistant gives you the ability to have your scanned documents and images imported directly into any of your computers applications. Even applications not automatically registered by the Epson Smart Panel can be included in your custom list within a matter of seconds. Full support for popular file formats such as BMP, JPG, PCT, PCX and HTML once again give you the freedom you need in a scanning solution.

scan to fax

Copy to Fax: With Epson Smart Panels strong software integration capabilities, your Epson Epson Stylus CX5300 works seamlessly with your fax software to further extend the all-in-one value of this powerful unit. Forget about purchasing a dedicated fax machine when you can achieve superior results with your own PC-based fax solution and the scanning power of the Epson Epson Stylus CX5300.

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