Epson EMP-TW1000

12000:1 High Contrast Ratio

High Contrast Ratio

Delivering maximum image display quality

When it comes to delivering optimum image display quality, colour, brightness and contrast ratio are the key determining factors — and the EMP-TW1000 delivers on all three.

With a groundbreaking contrast ratio of 12000:1, the EMP-TW1000 projects bright scenes with ultra bright whites, and dark scenes with rich blacks. Underpinning the projector's ability to regulate the brightness and contrast of every scene are the advanced Auto Iris function and Crystal Clear Fine Full High Definition 3LCD panel technology.

Using the Auto Iris function, the EMP-TW1000 controls and adjusts lamp brightness levels 60 times every second. When the projector is displaying a light scene, the iris is opened to allow more light to pass through to the LCD panels, resulting in a bright image. For dark scenes, the iris opening is reduced, delivering richer blacks than are possible with less advanced systems.

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