Epson P-6000

Print Wizard

Print Wizard

In combination with the Epson Epson P-6000 Multimedia Storage Viewer’s support PictBridge standard, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use in-built program – Print Wizard – provides photographers with the ability to edit and create custom prints of their JPEG and supported RAW formats direct from the multimedia viewer.

Incorporating several pre-defined workflows along with features for image cropping and printing of watermarks, Print Wizard steps users through each of the stages required to generate high quality photographic prints without a PC/Mac. This is achieved by means of full support for the PictBridge standard. Using the Epson Epson P-6000 Multimedia Storage Viewer’s PictBridge functionality, the unit can be connected directly to any PictBridge-compatible printer, enabling the printing of high quality photographs without the need for the PC “middle man”.  

Among the numerous features engineered into Print Wizard are:

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