Epson Perfection V700 Photo

Crisp Definition

Rivalling the quality of many drum scanners, the Perfection V700 Photo - with it's 4.0 Dmax optical density - provides users with the ability to create high quality print-ready negative and transparency scans. With such a high optical density, the scanner ensures scanned images exhibit an almost perfect colour tone reproduction of the original negative or transparency.

The Perfection V700 Photo's optical density is a significant advancement over earlier models and enhances the scanner's ability to capture full details in both highlight and shadow, delivering exceptionally clear and highly detailed scans. This means that when you scan in your negatives for photograph printing, you will be able to capture the same amount of detail, if not more, than if you had them printed at the photo lab.

With a 16–bit gradation capability, the Perfection V700 Photo can faithfully reproduce a full range of colours; and, with a special AD converter for "noise" reduction, can maintain image integrity even with the increased gradation.

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