Epson Stylus Color 670

Epson Stylus Color 670

4 Colour Inkjet Printer

Breathtaking, best-of-class image quality and colour printing speed.

The Epson Stylus COLOUR 670 is ideal for home, school and office use. It provides easy, plug-and-play support for Windows™ 95/98/NT 4.0 and USB-equipped Macintosh™ systems, and comes with everything you need to print beautiful colour images from the moment you set it up. What's more, it offers the outstanding performance of our exclusive PerfectPicture Imaging System and Variable-Sized Droplet technology - at a remarkably affordable price.

Easy Set-up and User-Friendly Software

Set-up is super-easy! Simply connect the printer to your PC or Macintosh, install the driver software, and you're ready to roll. The user-friendly driver gives you a wide range of printing options, while our Status Monitor 3 provides at-a-glance confirmation of paper availability, ink levels and printer status. If you do have any questions, our convenient Online Guide is just a mouse-click away!

Simply Beautiful, Simply Fast

The Epson PerfectPicture Imaging System delivers dazzling text and image quality on every page. In addition to 1440 dpi printing with 7 pl (picolitre) Ultra Micro Dots, it features the natural skin tones and ultra-smooth gradations of AcuPhoto Halftoning and the rich, vibrant colour of QuickDry inks. Also, the combination of large dot sizes for solid colours, and small dot sizes for gradations and blends made possible by Epson's exclusive Variable-Sized Droplet technology ensures high-speed, high-quality printing.

Make Your Images Look Even Better!

Print setting selections and image enhancement are incredibly easy with the Epson STYLUS COLOR 670's full-featured driver software. From Fit-to-Page printing, Poster Layout and Watermark settings, to one-click enhancement for low-resolution images from digital cameras or the internet, this driver does it all. Plus, you can express yourself creatively with Epson PhotoEnhance4, a sophisticated feature that gives your choice of five Tone settings (Monochrome, Normal, Hard, Vivid and Sepia) and five Effect settings (Sharpness, Soft Focus, Canvas, Parchment and None. PhotoEnhance4 also makes it easy to eliminate jaggies and enhance the quality of low-resolution images.

The combination of quality, speed and image enhancement will make the Epson STYLUS COLOR 670 a welcome addition to your home, school or office, at an affordable price.