Epson Stylus Color 860

Stylus Color 860

4 Colour Inkjet Printer

A4 Executive desktop business printer.

The Epson Stylus COLOUR 860 is a revolutionary new printer targeted at business and professional graphics users wanting maximum colour output combined with speed and affordability.

Its industry-leading print resolution of up to 1440 dpi and high-speed printing capability makes the Epson STYLUS COLOR 860 the ideal printer for busy professionals. What's more, its ability to produce outstanding 1440 x 720 dpi printouts on plain paper allows eye-catching colour charts and graphics to be included in all printed material.

The Epson STYLUS COLOR 860 comes with Epson's PerfectPicture Imaging System and features 4pl (picolitre) Ultra Micro Dot printing. This means when colour images are printed the ink droplet visibility is reduced and makes it difficult for the human eye to tell the difference between a printed copy or a photograph.

It also features Epson's Advanced Variable-Sized Droplet technology which uses larger dot sizes for solid colours and smaller dot sizes for gradations and blends. Advanced Variable-Sized Droplet technology now features bi-directional printing. This means the printer can lay down' different dot sizes in both directions instead of one, increasing the print speed.

An improved user interface with a full function on-screen Status Monitor makes it easy to check ink levels and paper availability at a glance. The Epson PhotoEnhance™ 4 function automatically adjusts colour and exposure levels with a single click of a button.

The driver software and PhotoEnhance 4 image adjustment gives customers complete control over how documents print. Customers can choose 2-up or 4-up print layouts. It also lets customers insert watermarks and specify their colour and position on the page - an important feature for business documents.

EPSON's AcuPhoto Halftoning technology has been enhanced to improve the reproduction of subtle detail and expression of tones in an image. This means when printing dark areas of an image the total range from highlight to dark areas is much more smoothly reproduced.

The Epson STYLUS COLOR 860 supports Windows and Mac® OS 8.1 to 9.X. It has parallel and USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports. This means that set up is fast and easy, and cables can be hot-swapped without powering down the computer.

The Epson STYLUS COLOR 860 is a smart business investment that delivers the speeds demanded by business, the quality required for professional colour applications and the affordability and operating economy important to personal users.