Epson Stylus Photo 720

Stylus Photo 720

6 Colour Inkjet Printer

6-colour, Photo ReProduction Quality printer for the home and office.

The Epson Stylus Photo 720's high-quality, 6-colour printing ensures superior results on everything from documents to greeting cards, photo stickers and t-shirt transfers. Combining the superior performance of Epson's PPIS and 1440 dpi resolution, this new printer offers high image quality for the home and small business user. It also features 7 picolitre Ultra Micro Dots to deliver dazzling details superb image quality.

Variable-sized Droplet Technology

Another key difference is our exclusive Variable-sized Droplet technology. With this revolutionary advance, the printer regulates dot size to suit the area of the image being printed - applying larger dots for quick coverage in areas of solid colour, and smaller dots in areas of gradation and fine detail. The result is superb image quality at the best possible speed.

Creative Image Enhancement

EPSON PhotoEnhance 4 image adjustment provides easy, automatic enhancement for all kinds of digital photos including low-resolution images from the internet. It also offers the enhanced creative control of five Tone settings (Monochrome, Normal, Hard, Vivid and Sepia) and five Effect settings (Sharpness, Soft Focus, Canvas, Parchment and None).

PerfectPicture Imaging System

The Epson difference begins with our Micro Piezo print head technology, an exclusive feature that allows the printer to control ink droplet size and placement with unrivalled accuracy. Image quality is further enhanced by superior software, including the super-smooth gradations and blends of AcuPhoto Halftoning. To top it off, our rich, vibrant QuickDry inks and wide array of specialty papers assure the very highest standard of image quality.

Outstanding Ease of Use

Setting up your printer is super-easy, with built-in, plug-and-play USB connectivity for Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000 and USB-equipped Mac® OS 8.1 to 9.X. Our convenient Status Monitor 3 lets you check ink levels and paper availability at a
glance, and if you do have any questions, the user-friendly online guide is just a mouse-click away.