Epson EPL-5500+


Monochrome Laser Printers

The Epson EPL-5500+ has it all. Impressive image quality. The fastest throughput in its class. And a cassette type tray for reliable, hands-off paper feed. It's also compatible with Windows NT™ and PostScript®, and ready for network applications. What's more, when you purchase the Epson EPL-5500+, it comes complete with a toner cartridge and photoconductor unit, so you're ready to start printing as soon as you take it out of the box. Add to this an exceptionally small footprint, and you're looking at the answer to all your office and home printing needs.

Print fast!
Laser printers in this class don't come any faster. Thanks to boosted memory of 2MB (expandable to 32MB by SIMM), the EPL-5500+ provides throughput about 10% faster than its predecessor, the EPL-5500. This assures much quicker output, particularly when printing multiple copies of a single document. The EPL-5500+ also lets you have your first page in less than twenty seconds.

Outstanding image quality
Superb image quality is yours with 600 dpi printing and Epson's Bi-Resolution Improvement Technology (BiRITech). You're also assured exceptionally clear text with WYSIWYG performance thanks to 14 on-board Windows-compatible scalable fonts.

Paper Handling Convenience and Versatility
Holding up to 150 sheets, the cassette type paper tray eliminates the need for constant paper replenishment, while assuring crumple-free results. When paper in the cassette runs out, the EPL-5500+ automatically starts printing on paper from the optional 250-sheet Lower Paper Cassette if it's loaded. This gives you non-stop printing on up to 400 sheets of paper, a handy feature when you have a heavy workload. You can also use the manual sheet-feed slot for single-sheet document printing, and printing on cards and envelopes.

Ready for your network
Taking full advantage of the EPL-5500+ capability in a shared environment comes easy. Just connect the optional Type B I/F Box, and you can use a wide range of optional interface cards to further expand your possibilities.

Kind to your budget and the environment!
The EPL-5500+ is designed for economical operation. Because the toner cartridge and photoconductor unit are separate, you can change them independently to dramatically cut running costs. This also means fewer drum changes, so while saving money, you'll be doing the environment a favour.