Epson EPL-N2000


Monochrome Laser Printers

Ruggedly constructed for day-in, day-out reliability, the EPL-N2000 is capable of printing up to 20ppm A4 or 11ppm A3, with high print resolutions of 600 x 600 dpi. While Epson Bi-Resolution Improvement Technology (BiRITech) smooths out text 'jaggies' and Epson's MicroGrey Technology enhances halftone image quality.

The EPL-N2000 comes ready for network use and supports industry standard networks such as Novell/Netware and AppleTalk and is also compatible with Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, Mac® OS 8.1 to 9.X and Unix networks. Built-in Ethernet and IEEE 1284 bi-directional interfaces support leading network protocols such as IPX/SPX, TCP/IP and AppleTalk, and automatically selects the correct protocol for maximum efficiency and high speed data transfer. In addition, optional interface cards and serial modules provide expanded flexibility for multi-platform networks. Supported printer control languages include PCL5e, IBM Mode, Epson GL/2, FX and ESC/P2. Optional EpsonScript Level 2 printer control language allows PostScript Level 2 files to be output, assuring maximum compatibility in Macintosh environments.

The standard configuration features a 50 Mhz SPARClite RISC processor and 4Mb RAM which is enhanced by Epson Memory Improvement Technology. The memory is expandable to 68 Mb with industry standard SIMMs. This is the ideal printing solution for medium to high end network environments that usually require management from a network administrator. The inclusion of the Network Printer Management software means that each user can monitor the status of Epson printers on the network from their own PC, reducing the workload of the network administrator.

The EPL-N2000 has a standard paper capacity of 650 sheets. This is made up of an in-built multipurpose paper tray which can hold 150 A3+ (329 x 483mm) sheets and can also be used for printing on envelopes as well as a 500 A4 sheet paper cassette. In addition there are various optional paper trays - an A3 cassette capable of holding 250 sheets or an extra A4 cassette capable of feeding a further 500 sheets giving a maximum paper capacity of 1150 A4 sheets. An optional duplex unit for double sided printing can feed paper up to A3 in size.

The EPL-N2000's rugged construction ensures year-round reliability and minimal maintenance. Energy efficient design keeps day-to-day operating costs low, while high-speed 20 ppm output keeps efficiency and productivity high.

The EPL-N2000 comes with 12 months on-site warranty (conditions apply) and an optional 3-year on-site warranty upgrade.