Epson EPL-N2700


Monochrome Laser Printers

Economical 27 ppm Laser Printer with Outstanding Quality and Flexibility

Striking the right balance between economy and printing capability is always a challenge. Epson makes things a bit easier with the EPL-N2700. The basic unit is compact and affordable enough for a small office; as the company grows, or for larger workgroups, the optional units provide increased capacity and functionality. And with its multi-system compatibility, you?ll have no trouble incorporating it into an office network. With these advantages, plus high speed, fine quality and the convenience of multiple original copy printing, the EPL-N2700 looks like a pretty smart choice.

High quality output you don?t have to wait around for

No matter what you?re printing, you want it to look professional, and the EPL-N2700 delivers with 1200 dpi class resolution. Epson?s RITech (Resolution Improvement Technology) and MicroGray technology make it possible, providing sharp text and detailed images with excellent halftone quality. And with 27-page-per-minute speed, you won?t have people waiting around the printer for their jobs to output.

Duplex unit

Easy to attach and operate, this unit allows you to print on both sides of each sheet.

Smooth integration into present and future networks

The EPL-N2700 is ready for use in multi-host and multi-protocol environments, thanks to its built-in network support functions for 100Base TX and 10Base T configurations. These functions accommodate leading network protocols such as TCP-IP, IPX/SPX and NetBIOS/NetBEUI, automatically selecting the correct protocol for maximum efficiency and data transfer speed. It also offers a built-in Web-based management tool to let you easily manage networks with multi-vendor printers from a standard browser. And finally, it provides an IEEE 1284 bidirectional parallel interface, RS-232C serial interface and a slot for configuring optional Epson Type B interface cards.

Printer driver software offers a variety of useful functions

The bundled printer driver software makes it easy for users to custom-design their own documents. Print Layout arranges two or four pages of data on a single page, Fit To Page sizes the data to fit on one page, and Overlay makes it possible to print one image over another. The Zoom function will condense or enlarge text and graphics from 50% to 200%. Duplex Print provides two-sided printing capability with a choice of three binding positions: left, right, or top. And the Watermark function imposes watermark images or text onto documents. There?s also a useful Help function in case anyone has problems.

Multiple original copies with stacking, sorting and mailbox options

With its outstanding speed and networkability, the EPL-N2700 gives you the added efficiency to produce multiple original copies. You save the time and expense usually required for conventional copying, and enjoy higher quality output as well. By attaching the optional 5-Bin or 10-Bin Multi-Purpose Units, you have the choice of Stacker, Sorter or Mailbox modes. Offset Stacking will separate printouts, while Mailbox delivers each job to its designated slot, or to any combination of slots as desired. The 5-Bin Unit holds 500 sheets (250/50/50/100); the 10-Bin Unit, 2,000 sheets (200 each).

Large paper capacity that grows as your needs grow

In addition to its high speed and versatility, the EPL-N2700 scores more points for efficiency with high-volume paper capacity. The main unit comes with a Multi-Purpose Paper Feed Tray that holds 250 sheets up to A3/Ledger size and variety paper types, and a Standard Paper Cassette that holds 500 sheets up to A3/Ledger size. As your printing needs grow, you can add the optional 500-sheet Lower Cassette Unit and 2,500 sheet Large Capacity Paper Unit, providing a total capacity of 3,750 sheets. For added convenience, the printer will automatically select the correct size paper from the various trays.