Epson EPL-N4000+


Monochrome Laser Printers

Sharp 40 ppm Printing with Advanced Versatility and Networking

It?s an all-too familiar story: more work being done by less people. The only way to cope is to increase the efficiency of your company or workgroup, and Epson EPL-N4000+ Laser Printer is an excellent way to do it. Its rapid-fire 40 page-per-minute output virtually eliminates waiting time, and all commands are quick and easy to input. You also get the advantage of multiple original printing, so there?s no longer any need for repeated trips to the copy machine. (You may no longer have any work left for your copier at all!) In addition, the EPL-N4000+ offers superior document handling and multi-networking capabilities, resulting in a printer able to offer departments and large workgroups the increased efficiency that today?s work styles demand.

Enjoy the advantage of greater speed with superb print quality

If you?re like most people in busy workgroups, the first thing you?re looking for in a printer is speed. The EPL-N4000+ is built to deliver, turning out work at a blazing 40 ppm. The generous 64MB internal RAM is easiliy upgradable to 256MB by snapping in optional DIMMs. So even when several people need to print at the same time, there?s virtually no waiting. You?ll like the look of the finished product, too, thanks to 600 dpi resolution and the added advantages of Epson?s BiRITech (BiResolution Improvement Technology) and MicroGray 1200 Technology. Text, graphs and photos will all be sharp and clear - and ready to be picked up as soon as you want them.

High-volume paper capacity

The EPL-N4000+ easily handles a variety of jobs, large and small. It?s equipped with a Multi-Purpose Tray and two Lower Paper Cassettes which together accept a total of 1050 sheets sized up to A3. Also available is an optional Large Capacity Paper Unit comprising one 500-sheet cassette for various sizes up to A3, and two 1000-sheet cassettes for A4 paper. This unique, three-in-one Large Capacity Paper Unit will add 2,500 extra sheets to your printer, giving you a total hold capacity of 3,550 sheets! For added convenience, the printer will automatically select paper in the correct size from the various cassettes. If desired, an optional envelope feeder may be inserted in place of the Multi-Purpose tray. (See inside for other options.) With all these convenient features, the printer will be getting a lot of use, but you can rest assured of its durability.

Multiple original copies save you time and money

The EPL-N4000+ has the speed, network connectivity, and versatile document handling to make multiple original copy printing a reality. Besides delivering higher quality output, multiple original printing also eliminates the considerable time and expense required for staff to make their own copies with conventional copiers. Using the Multibin Unit, you can choose between Stacker, Sorter or Mailbox modes. Offset Stacking is useful for separating printouts by job. In Mailbox mode, the EPL-N4000+ will always deliver printouts to your slot. (The 10 slots can be easily labeled.) You can even send multiple original printouts to other slots - a quick and convenient distribution system!