Epson EB-1770W

Epson EB-1770W

Corporate Portable Multimedia Projectors

The Ultra Mobile, Ultra Bright Solution for Busy Executives

The Epson EB-1770W is the thinnest 3,000 lumen projector in the world and the latest addition to the Epson Projector range. Weighing in at only 1.7kg, and boasting a broad range of user friendly functionality including V + H keystone correction, and small enough to fit in one bag along with your notebook PC, the EB-1770W is a lightweight projector that really packs a punch.

Easy to use Features – Horizontal and Vertical keystone correction makes setup a breeze

Smallest 3,000 lumen projector in the world – Only 45mm thick, and 1.7kg in weight

Wireless 802.11b/g/n – Available as an option for use with the EB-1770W

“One Bag” Solution for Busy Executives – So small you can carry both your notebook PC and projector in the one carry bag!

Low Cost Total Cost of Ownership – Lamp price only $119RRP

Broad Connectivity – HDMI, VGA, Video (RCA), USB Type B, USB Type A, Audio (stereo mini)

The Epson EB-1770W was designed for absolute ease of use. Horizontal and Vertical keystone correction enables users to project a square image from an offset position. Perfect for executives presenting in a client’s meeting room.
In line with the screen aspect of most notebook PCs, the EB-1770W projects in a native WXGA widescreen aspect, meaning no complications. Simply connect, and project!

Network and Wireless Capability
With the EB-1770W you can remove the need for untidy, complicated cabling, and connect to your 802.11b/g/n wireless network via the ELPAP07 wireless LAN module (optional). For added simplicity, the ELPAP08 USB Quick Wireless Connection Key (optional) enables users to make a quick peer to peer connection to a PC.

USB Display Function and USB Memory Slide Show
The EB-1770W can display your presentation with image, audio and mouse control via a connection to a PC or Mac with a simple USB cable. You can also create and display images directly from a USB memory device, making it possible to give presentations without the need for a PC.

Low Power Consumption – EuP Compliance
At Epson, we know that planning for the future requires a strong commitment to the environment. That’s why these products conform to the new European Directive on Eco-Design of energy using products. The main objective of this directive is to ensure energy efficiency throughout a products lifecycle. The EB-1770W conforms to the criteria of this directive.

Direct Connect to ELP-DC06
Further enhancing suitability to the modern corporate environment is the ability for the EB-1770W to connect directly to the Epson ELP-DC06 document camera / visualiser. These Epson products feature unique technology enabling them to connect via USB and provide full operation without the need for a PC.

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