Epson EB-G6350NL

Epson EB-G6350NL

Installation Multimedia Projectors

Captivating, XGA resolution, with uncompromising image quality and professional-grade reliability for large venues

Get uncompromising image quality and professional-grade reliability with the Epson G Series large-venue projectors. Whether you’re presenting in a conference room, auditorium, stage or house of worship, these powerful projectors will keep your audience captivated.

  • 3 x Brighter Colours* and reliable performance – 3LCD, 3-Chip Technology. Look for both high colour brightness and high white brightness.
  • Edge Blending – Combine multiple individual images to create one seamless giant image.
  • 2 x Digital connections – Digital quality and flexibility.
  • 360° Installation – Install on any plane, from horizontal to vertical and everything in between.
  • Arc and Point Correction – Fine tune image geometry to perfection.
  • Passive 3D – For stacked 3D applications using polarised passive glasses.
  • Six optional Lenses with Lens Shift – Standard, Short, Wide, Rear, Middle or Long throw for complete flexibility and easy exchange.
3x Brighter Colours with Epson*

Brilliant image quality requires high colour brightness (colour light output), and Epson® 3LCD projectors have 3x Brighter Colours than leading competitive projectors*.

One brightness measurement (lumens) is not enough. A projector‘s specification needs to show both high colour brightness and high white brightness. If colour brightness is lower than white brightness, images may be dark, dull and lose detail. If not be sure to ask for a projector’s colour brightness specification.

* Compared to leading 1-chip DLP business and education projectors based on NPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Colour brightness (colour light output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions.

Faroudja DCDi® Cinema for advanced video quality

The Faroudja DCDi Cinema chipset is a video enhancement technology that produces exceptional image quality without introducing artefacts. Faroudja DCDi (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing) was developed to eliminate jagging, using a unique algorithm. This technology, in combination with decoding, Deinterlacing and enhancement technologies, won an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

C2Fine Technology for blacker blacks

C2Fine technology offers smooth, uniform images with exceptional contrast for better image quality. Based on this new phase-compensation technology, light leakage is eliminated, allowing for the reproduction of blacker blacks. C2Fine technology is combined with an auto iris, which allows for a contrast ratio up to 5,000:1.

Diverse connectivity

Connect with virtually any system including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, BNC and LAN connectivity.

Integrated edge-blending technology

Enhance the experience with seamless panoramic, multi-screen images that blend edges by matching colour and brightness perfectly, even in areas that overlap.

Stacked 3D solutions

You can create an impressive viewing experience with twice the brightness. Epson’s stacked 3-D solution (requires two projectors). Using polarised filters, in combination with low-cost 3-D glasses.

Split Screen1

Split Screen allows you to display content from two inputs simultaneously, side by side, on a single screen. With three layout options you can display video and presentation materials, and run video on both screens.

DICOM Simulation Mode2

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) is a standard for handling, storing, printing and transmitting medical imaging information. DICOM Simulation Mode2 is ideal for viewing grayscale medical images, such as X-rays, for training and educational purposes. It enables users to reproduce images with an advanced grayscale level that simulates DICOM Part 14.

360-degree installation

The Epson G Series can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction for off-axis positioning flexibility. As a result, it can be used for a wide range of applications, such as projecting on the ceiling or floor, or as part of a rear-projection system. Epson technology keeps the projector running without compromising performance or causing overheating.

Short-throw lens

Install the projector as close as a 0.7 throw ratio to the screen and still get the same clear, crisp projection. A 1.2x zoom and up to 69% vertical and up to 31% horizontal lens shift gives even more flexibility when you need it.

Six optional lenses

For added flexibility, the G Series offers a total of six lenses, including one standard, one wide, one rear, two middle and one long-throw that allow users to choose the lens most suited for their environment. A quick-release lever allows for a fast, easy lens exchange. One standard lens included, other lenses are not included with the projector. (Lens not included with ‘NL’ models).

Easy Management®

The EasyMP® Monitor tool makes it easy to monitor and control all networked Epson projectors, set up email notifications, verify and change internal settings, and more. You can also remotely power down your projector(s) to extend the lamp life and save energy.

Multi-PC projection

Epson Multi-PC Collaboration utility allows you to display four individual PC screens simultaneously over the network (wired or wireless), with another 28 users connected to the same projector on standby mode. This feature is a great tool for meetings or classroom projects where multiple users want to present and compare their content.

Schedule function

Save energy using the convenient Schedule function. And, easily control the projector at non-networked venues. The embedded clock inside the projector enables it to do scheduled tasks without having the network standby mode on.

Protect your investment — long-life electrostatic air filter

The Epson G series electrostatic filter is designed to protect the optical engine, lamp and electronics from small dust particles that can enter any projector. It has a recommended 10,000- hour filter cleaning schedule3 and can capture particles as small as three microns, due in part to its pleated, expanded design.

Easy maintenance

Offering convenient access to the lamps and filter, the G series makes maintenance easier than ever, even if the projector is ceiling mounted. The lamp cover is located on the rear side panel and there are no screws, so the lid can be removed without any special tools.

Lens shift

Epson lens shift technology enables outstanding installation flexibility with an incredible range of up to ±67° on the vertical axis and up to ±30° on the horizontal axis (may vary by model). Users can operate the lens shift functions using the adjustment knobs on the top of the projector.

Centered lens design

Featuring a centered lens design, the G series makes installation easy to plan. Positioning the ceiling mount, screen and projector can be performed individually and independent of one another.

Arc correction

Using arc correction, you can adjust each side of a projected image in an arc or barrel-shaped way, making it easier than ever to get a perfectly rectangular image.

Convenient test patterns

Make sure your presentation is setup correctly before you begin. The G Series features nine test patterns including linearity, colour reproduction, bleeding and tone production. It even detects distortion.

Connectivity Panel

* Compared to leading 1-chip DLP business and education projectors based on NPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Colour brightness (colour light output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions.
1 Consult your user manual for input combinations.
2 This projector does not meet the DICOM standard Part 14 and should not be used as a medical diagnostic device.
3 Recommendation based on normal room conditions. Cleaning requirements may vary depending on use, environment and other conditions. Cleaning intervals may be adjusted to accommodate the environment in which the projector is used.