Epson EB-Z8050W

Epson EB-Z8050W

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The Robust and Reliable, High Brightness WXGA Projector for Auditoriums and Large Venues

is pleased to introduce the EB-Z8050W projector designed for auditoriums and large venues. The EB-Z8050W is also Epson’s brightest projector to date delivering 7,000 lumens Light Output and 7,000 lumens Colour Light Output. Featuring Epson’s latest long life C2Fine LCD panels, the EB-Z8050W boasts enduring reliability backed by a 4year* projector warranty and 1 year** lamp warranty.

  • Powerful 7,000 lumens Light Output + 7,000 lumens Colour Light Output – Dazzling brightness designed for use in auditoriums and large venues.
  • WXGA Resolution – 1280 x 800 native resolution for superb picture quality.
  • Robust and Reliable – Innovative liquid cooling system, durable optical panels and dual lamp design for greater reliability.
  • Flexible Installation and Wide Variety of Lens Options – Enabling installation in a broad range of locations.
  • Network Functionality – Operate and monitor from a remote location.
  • 4 Year* Projector / 1 Year** Lamp Warranty – Peace of mind protection for your investment.

Setting new benchmarks for brightness, reliability and flexibility, the Epson EB-Z8050W is ideal for installation within Education and Corporate environments such as lecture halls, auditoriums, conference centres, boardrooms and other large venues.

3x Brighter Colours with Epson*

Brilliant image quality requires high colour brightness (colour light output), and Epson® 3LCD projectors have 3x Brighter Colours than leading competitive projectors*.

One brightness measurement (lumens) is not enough. A projector‘s specification needs to show both high colour brightness and high white brightness. If colour brightness is lower than white brightness, images may be dark, dull and lose detail. If not be sure to ask for a projector’s colour brightness specification.

* Compared to leading 1-chip DLP business and education projectors based on NPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Colour brightness (colour light output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions.

Powerful 7,000 Lumens Light / Colour Light Output

The Epson EB-Z8050W features an innovative dual lamp system enabling it to achieve a dazzling 7,000 lumens light output and 7,000 lumens colour light output making it an ideal selection for use in auditoriums and large venues.

WXGA Resolution

The EB-Z8050W boasts a native resolution of 1280 x 800 and delivers spectacular image quality and true High Definition. In addition to this is the EB-Z8050W’s 5000:1 contrast ratio and colour reproduction that is only possible with 3LCD technology, both further enhancing its outstanding image quality.

High-End Home Cinema Heritage

The EB-Z8050W boasts technology gained from Epson’s years of experience developing market leading high-end home cinema products. The EB-Z8050W’s high contrast ratio is made possible thanks to Epson’s C2Fine technology, cinema filter and advanced auto iris. Together, these technologies optimise the way light travels through the optical engine ensuring deep, rich blacks and bright, vibrant colours.

Robust and Reliable

Breakthrough LCD technology, and an innovative hybrid cooling system which features liquid, Peltier, and air cooling technologies to deliver impressive projector reliability, backed by a comprehensive 4 year* warranty. Easy access lamps featuring Epson-only E-TORL lamp technology provide additional reliability, covered by a 1 year** lamp warranty. Another long life component is the easy-to-change, pleat shaped electrostatic air filter with a recommended maintenance-free life of 10,000 hours.

Flexible Installation and Wide Variety of Lens Options

Flexible installation is possible with the EB-Z8050W thanks to the availability of six, quick-release bayonet lens options and capable of plus or minus 70% vertical shift and 20% horizontal shift, the EB-Z8050W offers unsurpassed flexibility of installation. The powered lens zoom, focus and shift make the EB-Z8050W a breeze to adjust, and once installed, final image adjustment and fine tuning is easy thanks to the placement of the control panel at the rear of the projector. The installer is able to see the image and the control panel at the same time.

An innovative handle design enables installers to carry, install and adjust the EB-Z8050W without the inconvenience of having to turn the unit to an upside-down position. These handles double as the mounting points for the Epson ceiling mount designed for use with the EB-Z8050W. The mount’s innovative design minimizes the distance of the projector from the ceiling and allows for flexible adjustment of pitch, tilt and yaw. Images can even be projected straight down or straight up to accommodate for the most demanding of installation requirements.

Broad Selection of Inputs

  Video and PC Networking
  5BNC Wired remote
  Monitor Out  

Network Functionality

Monitoring and controlling the EB-Z8050W is possible over a network enabling the network manager to obtain projector information, monitor projector status, and control functions such as power on and off, change sources and even update firmware from a remote location.

Connectivity Panel

Easily print documents, photos, e-mails and web pages wirelessly. You can print from the comfort of your couch, office or even across the globe. Use EPSON® Email Print, the EPSON iPrint™ mobile app, and other applications to print and share from anywhere **.