Epson EH-TW5500

Epson EH-TW5500

Home Theatre Projectors

The Ultimate High Definition Projector for Home Theatre Enthusiasts

Epson is pleased to introduce the Epson EH-TW5500 Home Theatre Projector. Featuring a contrast ratio of 200,000:1, improved Deep Black Technology and HQV Processor the EH-TW5500 sets a new benchmark in High Definition home cinema. The EH-TW5500 delivers superb quality through cutting-edge technology. Exactly what you expect from the world’s number one projector manufacturer – Epson.


  • Deep, dark blacks, crystal clear detail – UltraBlack technology with an unprecedented 200,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Rich, vibrant colour – latest generation D7 3-chip optical engine with 3LCD C2Fine® technology
  • Superior video quality – Silicon Optix HQV Reon-VX processor minimises noise and jaggies generating a more natural looking image
  • Brilliant, widescreen performance – new anamorphic (vertical stretch) widescreen mode facilitates real 2.35:1 movie playback with no black bars (with anamorphic lens).*
  • Refined Frame Interpolation – Smooth image movement, even in high speed scenes
  • Convenient Colour Calibration – ISF certified; customise settings for any environment

The Epson EH-TW5500 sets a new benchmark in 1080p High Definition home theatre projection. The EH-TW5500 is targeted to satisfy the most discerning of home theatre enthusiasts seeking best-in-class contrast ratio and superb picture quality. The EH-TW5500 can be used on a table top, or as the centrepiece of a full home theatre installation.

Enjoy the Home Theatre Experience in a way you never thought possible
With unrivalled Silicon Optix HQV Reon-VX video processing and a best-in-class 200,000:1 contrast ration, Epson’s flagship EH-TW5500 projector offers the most discerning home theatre enthusiast a stunning visual experience. Whether you’re watching movies or sports, this 1080p projector ensures amazing image quality with the latest generation Epson D7 chip, UltraBlackTM technology and a bright 1,600 lumens of light output.

With innovative colour adjustment features and a state-of-the-art Fujinon lens, a brand trusted by renowned Hollywood filmmakers, the EH-TW5500 delivers superb video performance. And, with Epson’s 3LCD, 3-chip optical engine, it offers such incredible quality, you’re sure to achieve a true cinematic experience. Setup is easy with the colour isolation feature and ISF calibration, which allows you to adjust colours as the filmmaker intended. The EH-TW5500 brings big-screen entertainment home in a whole new way.

Silicon Optix HQV Reon-VX processor
The Silicon Optix HQV processor is the reference standard in deinterlacing and scaling. With standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) interlaced content (DVDs, TV shows, 1080i HDTV broadcasts), the HQV Reon-VX processor reduces jagged edges on low angle solid lines and flat edges. This superior video processor minimizes MPEG compression-related artifacts, such as mosquito noise and restores the image to a more natural picture.

3LCD technology – for amazing quality and colour
3LCD technology delivers amazing colour and detail. Whether it’s a blockbuster movie or live sporting event, 3LCD technology takes video performance to the next level. Delivering legendary image quality, this innovative technology always ensures a thrilling cinematic experience.

Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certification
Certified by the ISF, the EH-TW5500 has been built to the strictest video standards. Calibration tools include multiple picture memories, and lockout to prevent accidental, post-calibration user misadjustments. ISF Cinema Day and Cinema Night modes are available.

OptiCinemaTM lens system
The OptiCinema lens system is a precision, high quality optical grade system. Co-developed with Fujinon, a top supplier of precision camera optics to the world’s leading HD camera makers, the system offers:

  • Maximum picture uniformity
  • Clarity across the entire screen
  • Freedom from colour fringing
  • Precision focus with 2.1x zoom
  • Maximum installation flexibility with 96% vertical / 47% horizontal lens shift

UltraBlack technology and Vertical Alignment
Achieve incredibly deep blacks with an astounding 200,000:1 contrast ratio, UltraBlack technology and Epson’s exclusive Vertical Alignment (VA) LCD technology. With VA LCD technology, opaque (black) is the natural state. Signal voltage is applied to increase translucence (transmittance) as needed. This is a fundamental design and performance advantage – a complete rethinking of LCD chip design

FineFrame interpolation processing technology
Film is encoded on Blu-ray at 24 frames per second. FineFrame deconstructs and reconstructs these sources for a 1080p frame rate output of up to 120Hz, virtually eliminating flicker and frame-to-frame judder. The 4:4 pulldown function also makes corrections for improperly encoded sources, and features a reverse 2:3 pulldown detection and correction function.

Energy-efficient E-TORL lamp
The innovative E-TORL lamp, exclusively from Epson, is a reliable performer that delivers more lumens per watt and lasts up to 4,000 hours. Switch the projector to High Brightness Mode and the E-TORL lamp still produces up to 4,000 hours of light performance. The special E-TORL design minimizes both light diffraction and light leakage, providing the ultimate in lamp longevity.

3 year projector and lamp warranty
The EH-TW5500 comes with a full 3 year warranty on both the lamp as well as the projector itself. Absolute peace of mind protection for your state-of-the-art projector.

Attractive cable cover
Bundled with the EH-TW5500 is an attractive colour coded cable cover, continuing the clean lines of the projector and hiding away untidy cabling.

Connectivity Panel