Epson EMP-TW100

Epson EMP-TW100

Home Theatre Projectors

The cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

The Epson EMPTW-100 LCD wide screen 16:9 projector brings superb quality, big screen entertainment into your home. Simple to set up and operate, quiet and compact, this small wonder is compatible with analogue or digital TVs, VCRs, DVD players, game consoles and PCs, and will change the way you view home entertainment.

EPSON Advanced Technologies

EPSON's industry leading LCD technologies, which include Epson Dream2 LCD wide panels, ensure maximum image quality whatever youre watching. The EMP-TW100 is also fully HDTV compliant and features the latest 'Faroudja DCDi'* advanced image processor, which ensures smooth and natural outlines.

Amazing big screen quality

Now you can experience clear, stunning big screen images up to 300 inches in size to create your own superb home cinema. From DVDs to games, with up to 600:1 contrast ratio, the new Epson EMPTW-100 projector has what it takes to provide a high level of clarity, contrast, colour and image definition. It can revolutionise your home entertainment set-up - even in daylight conditions.

Five colour settings for Personal choice

A new Colour Adjustment Menu offers five image colour modes to maximise quality depending on your personal choice or application:
  1. THEATRE for DVD/movies
  2. NATURAL for natural colour reproduction
  3. DYNAMIC for vivid TV and PC games
  4. PC for the brightest image
  5. sRGB for colours in accordance with the sRGB standard.

Up to six preferred colour settings can be stored for each colour mode for future viewing.

Easy to use and setup

Clear control panels and on screen menus make this projector simple to set up and use, while a comprehensive remote control provides the power to direct operations without leaving your armchair. This versatile projector is capable of handling both analogue and digital signals. Additionally the Automatic Source Recognition feature switches instantly to the incoming signal.

Remarkably quiet and compact

Sleek and compact, weighing in at just 4.2kg with a footprint of only 348 x 274mm. The EMPTW-100 can be easily integrated into a range of home environments and even transported between rooms.