Epson EMP-9000

Epson EMP-9000

Corporate Desktop Multimedia Projectors

Better presentations with Epson.

The EMP-9000 is a lightweight, high bright, high performance projector ideal for both for permanent installation and for use as a high end portable product.

The EMP-9000 is a true SXGA resolution high brightness projector. New high aperture 1.3" LCD panels together with Micro Lens Arrays (MLA) and a new 220W UHE lamp enable the EMP-9000 to produce an amazing ultra bright 1700 ANSI lumens, making it ideal for high-end graphics, military uses or crucial presentations.

Weighing only 8.3Kg, the EMP-9000 can be easily carried making it the brightest, most powerful portable projector in the world. However the EMP-9000 is equally at home whether it is being used as a portable projector in classrooms or conference rooms or as a high-end installed projector in boardrooms or auditoriums.

The EMP-9000 manual lens shift capability enables up to three EMP-9000s to be stacked together to produce an amazingly bright image of nearly 4800 ANSI lumens, or four EMP-9000s can be used collectively - each unit responsible for a of the final screen image. The colour temperature may be adjusted to ensure a unified projected image.

Optional lenses cover most installation requirements making the EMP-9000 the ideal projector for those essential presentations.

  • High bright 1700 ANSI lumens - one of the most powerful portable projectors on the market.
  • 20° digital keystone correction corrects the angle, aspect ratio and shape of the projected image whilst retaining its quality.
  • 10° manual lens shift enables up to 3 EMP-9000s to be stacked for an amazing 4800 ANSI lumens image or 4 EMP-9000s to be used collectively (each responsible for of the screen).
  • Colour temperature matching ability - particularly in stacking or collective situations to ensure a unified image.
  • New high aperture 1.3" LCD panels with Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology for improved brightness.
  • New 220W UHE Lamp to increase brightness.
  • True SXGA resolution with Digital Active Resizing (DAR) technology for high quality VGA, SVGA, XGA and UXGA display.
  • NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL, M-PAL, N-PAL and SECAM support for world-wide video compatibility.
  • 2 video and 2 PC inputs to enable multiple sources to be connected.
  • Composite video and S-video can be run simultaneously.
  • On-screen menu System with 'Help' function for easy set-up.
  • Pre-programmed Presentation Effects Software for enhancements in real time.
  • Optional lens configurations to cover all installation requirements.