Epson EMP-S4

Epson EMP-S4

Entry Level Multimedia Projectors

Versatility, Value & Outstanding Performance

With the Epson EMP–S4, powerful and highly functional projectors are now within reach of everyone. From small offices to classrooms as well as being ideal for the home, the EMP–S4 delivers a feature packed projector experience.

Key Features

  • The EMP-S4 @ Home
    Out of the work environment and into the home.
  • AV Mute
    You can stop and resume presentations easily by opening and closing the A/V mute slide.
  • Simple Operation
    Start up in approximately 4 seconds with instant shut down.
  • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
    Designed specifically as the projector for anyone, anywhere at anytime.
  • Projected Power
    Provides a comprehensive set of interfaces, including S–Video, Composite Video and Computer/Component Video.
    View this flash movie to learn more about the EMP–S4
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