Epson EMP-TW600

Epson EMP-TW600

Home Theatre Projectors

Quite simply the most brilliant Epson Home Cinema Projector to date

EMP-TW600 with HD ready, 10 bit colour processing, 5000:1 contrast, 1600 lm and new ETORL Lamp for low cost ownership will transform any room into your very own VIP cinema.

It's Showtime!

Key Features

  • MOVIE: ETORL Lamps
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  • MOVIE: EMP-TW600
    View this movie to learn about the EMP–TW600's great features
  • High Contrast Ratio
    In bright scenes, the whites are very bright and dark scenes are projected in a richer black than ever possible before
  • 10-Bit Colour
    Capable of reproducing 1.07 billion colours for rich expression and smooth gradation
  • Noise Shaped Video
    Video signal improvement via composite or S video
  • HDMI Equipped
    High definition multimedia interface providing true digital audio and visual experience.
  • Flexibility
    With vertical and horizontal lens shift, there is an enormous degree of freedom in the placement of the projector.
  • Quiet Operation
    Whether you're watching a DVD, sports event or playing your favourite video game, one of the last things you want is a noisy projector.
  • The Widescreen Experience
    New generation panel for true widescreen viewing and superb image quality.