Epson Expression 11000XL

Expression 11000XL

Document Scanners

The A3 scanner for Professional graphic artists, designers and business users

Delivering versatile scanning up to 12.2" x 17.2", the Epson Expression 11000XL is everything graphic artists and photographers need for professional-quality, tabloid-sized scanning. Available with an optional Transparency Unit for batch scanning, the scanner can accommodate 35mm film, 4" x 5", and medium-format negatives.

The Expression 11000XL features 2400 dpi resolution for enhanced colours and pinpoint identification.

For even greater results, this scanner includes a powerful software package, including LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast Ai IT8 chart to calibrate colours.

The scanner's 3.8 Dmax delivers a broad dynamic range with excellent shadow detail. Plus, its AutoFocus optics system, when activated, adjusts the focus for capturing clear, precise images every time.


Batch scan large quantities of transparencies with brilliant results – By utilising the optional Transparency Unit , the Epson Expression 11000XL can scan up to 48 frames of 35mm film, thirty 35mm slides, eight frames of 4" x 5" film, or six medium-format transparencies–all with one easy setup.

Two lamp design – A bright white lamp is used for positive transparency scanning, while a blue light source is used for negative transparencies, cutting down on the processing time and improving the negative to positive conversion in the final image.

Unique AutoFocus optics – Epson’s optics system ensures pinpoint focusing on an original up to 6mm above the scanner glass and is useful for scanning 3D items and transparencies.

Fast scans – Scan an 8.5" x 11" colour image at 300 dpi in as little as 23 seconds. A 35mm slide can be scanned at 2400 dpi in 51 seconds, and a 4" x 5" colour transparency can be scanned in under three minutes.

High Optical Density – Featuring an optical density of 3.8Dmax, the Epson Expression 11000XL captures a wide range of tonal colours ensuring the greatest level of detail in both highlight and shadow areas.

Powerful Software Included – The bundled LaserSoft Imaging Silverfast Ai and IT8 chart to calibrate colours and ensure consistency from the original to the scanned image. Restore faded colour photos to original brilliance with Easy Photo Fix scanning technology. Additionally with Advances Digital Dust correction you can remove the appearance of dust from film and photo’s.