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yd. uses Epson's SureColor SC-F7100 dye sublimation printer

October 2014

yd. uses Epson SureColor SC-F7100 64” large format dye sublimation printer for new spring/summer advertising campaign
With unique results on fabric

SYDNEY, 30 October 2014 – Recently yd., the innovative menswear retailer, had a requirement to produce a fresh, new advertising campaign for their current spring/summer range in 97 standalone stores across Australia and New Zealand. With the creative concept completed by agency Paper Stone Scissors the decision was made to print the campaign on Epson’s new SureColor SC-F7100 64” large format dye sublimation printer at Flash Graphics. The SC-F7100 was supplied to Flash Graphics by Andreas Johansson of graphic arts, sign & display specialists and Epson dealer Kayell Australia.

Head of Marketing at yd. Georgina Toskas explained, “For spring/summer 2014 we wanted to produce a campaign that created a strong visual impact. We wanted a young, fresh, modern look and feel that defines our brand position with confidence in the marketplace. The purpose of this campaign is to show yd. as the first stop for on-trend menswear to cover all occasions. To achieve this, we brought in the expertise of creative agency Paper Stone Scissors who did an amazing job of delivering our vision for the season.”

Paper Stone Scissors used Flash Graphics to uniquely print the in-store campaign on fabric, something Toskas sees as adding significant weight to the creative.

She continued, “The print on fabric looks fantastic! It creates such a positive and strong branding message. From afar, you cannot tell that the images are produced on fabrics, they look that good! The results have well exceeded our expectations and the quality and detail in the shots have translated onto the prints effortlessly. The amount of detail that has been able to come out on the fabrics is amazing. These are by far the best print results we have ever seen.”

Epson’s SureColor SC-F7100 64” large format dye sublimation printer has been designed for high-speed - up to 59m2/hr - roll-to-roll production and incorporates the very latest in inkjet technology - Epson's revolutionary new PrecisionCore™ Thin Film Print (TFP) head. The PrecisionCore TFP head consists of micro-fine nozzles that provide exceptionally high resolution imaging with pinpoint positional accuracy and outstanding uniformity. The head also supports resolutions up to 720x1440 dpi with Variable Sized Dot Technology for superior colour, finer detail and minimised ink consumption.

Georgina Toskas concluded, “The quality of the prints from the F7100 in our spring/summer campaign is exceptional. The prints create such a strong impact in store, especially being in black and white, as they stand out and do not get hidden by all the other ‘noise’ that is happening around them.”

Fredrik Uden from Flash Graphics added, “The complete yd. spring/summer campaign was produced on the SureColor SC-F7100 on 400 large fabrics. What made the SC-F7100 perfect for this campaign was that it showed off the quality of the photography and the texture in the clothing - every detail is there. We purchased the SC-F7100 as we have a good relationship with Kayell and Epson and together we are always aiming for print perfection. It makes sense that after an Epson proof follows an Epson Print. The SureColor SC-F7100 and its superior build quality gives us a high speed solution that produces the best possible results. For transfer-type dye sublimation this machine represents great value and we have not seen anything that prints sharper than the SC-F7100. It also gives great tracking of media with good drying capacity even at high speed. Even before we started the yd. campaign we were very confident the SC-F7100 would deliver the results the client was looking for as we had already seen the quality of the prints it produces.”

The Tuffline Fabric® used in the yd. campaign is part of the Adversol range of products and was provided by specialist supplier Charles Parsons & Co. Sales manager at Charles Parsons & Co. Gary Di Losa, who saw the yd. campaign in production added, “The Adversol range of products are specifically developed for use within the print media sector and thus were ideal for the yd. campaign. I walked through production while the job was being printed and I can honestly say it was one of the best black and white print jobs I have ever seen on polyester. Getting black and white to look good on fabric is far more difficult than colour, which made this job even more impressive.”

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Prints from the current yd. spring/summer campaign
Epson’s new SureColor SC-F7100 printing the current yd. spring/summer campaign

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