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Epson launches the Epson EMP-74 education and business projector.

October 2003

Sydney October 8, 2003: Epson today released the Epson EMP-74 entry level XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) business and education data projector.

The EMP-74 is a versatile, light, bright LCD projector with an impressive 2000 ANSI lumens output and a contrast ratio of 500 to 1.

The Epson EMP-74 has a full range of input ports including 2 x 15 pin video inputs, an RCA port, an S-Video port and USB and RS-232 control ports. Also included is an Audio In port and a 15 pin Monitor Out port.

The EMP-74 has six colour modes to choose from depending on how the projector is being used. The available modes are: Dynamic, Presentation, Theatre, Living Room, sRGB and a new mode called Blackboard. In Blackboard mode, the Epson EMP-74 adjusts the colour output to work effectively on a black or dark green surface. Blackboard mode is especially useful in an education environment where there may not be a projection screen available, allowing educators to project the image directly onto any dark surface.

The standard password protection feature is included with the projector, as is a new “identity” mode where the user enters ownership details for the projector and then a password. The owner’s details are projected during each warm up phase when the projector is powered on. To change the ownership details the password must be entered. This innovative feature makes the Epson portable projector a far less attractive option for thieves than competing brands.

Another new feature on the Epson EMP-74 is a timer function that allows the operator to enter a time period during which the projector will operate. After the timer has expired the projector will run until it is powered off, but when the projector is restarted the password must be entered to enable it to function. This feature is particularly useful in rental environments to ensure prompt return of the EMP-74 projector.

The EMP-74 has a long 3000 hour lamp life in low brightness mode with a 2000 hour lamp life in high brightness mode.

It has a fast warm up time of only 13 seconds and a shut down time of 20 seconds. Combined with its light weight of 2.9kgs the Epson EMP-74 is the ideal projector for the sales representative who needs a light weight powerful solution that comes standard with a carry case and credit card sized remote control.

The EMP-74 is available from today through the Epson specialist audio visual channel and is expected to retail for approximately $4,999 including GST.

For high resolution images or to obtain an evaluation unit, please contact Bob Pritchard at CommunEcom Strategic Communications on 02 9960 6000 or 0413 825 552 or via email at

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