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Epson announces the release of the new EMP-TW20 Home Theatre Projector

September 2005

Epson’s evolutionary new entry level home cinema projector: EMP-TW20

Sydney, September 7: Epson Australia has released the evolutionary new entry level home cinema projector, the Epson EMP-TW20, a projector that makes beautiful big-screen images simple to create and easy to watch.

With its easy to use operation and full range of functions, this stylish and affordable projector makes it possible for every home to become an entertainment centre for family and friends.

The EMP-TW20 joins the EMP-TWD1 also released this month that combines a high quality JVC DVD player, Epson’s renowned unsurpassed 3LCD projection technology, and cutting edge sound production by JVC, into the one table-top unit for an all-in-one home cinema unit.

With Epson’s advanced technology and friendly user controls, the EMP-TW20 is quick to set up and easy to use. Using direct power on and automatic aspect ratio detect, the EMP-TW20 can show colour rich, smooth toned, cinema quality images in ten seconds.

The EMP-TW20 introduces a new development of Epson’s Cinema Filter to entry level home theatre projectors, managing the red, green and blue images to give each scene the widest possible colour gamut while maintaining colour purity across the high dynamic contrast range. With the Cinema Filter off, the full output of the E-TORL lamp is projected allowing the user to choose brightness over colour purity. With the Cinema Filter on the lamp output is modulated to project a more even saturation of colours across red, green and blue, allowing the user to choose colour purity over brightness.

The EMP-TW20 uses Epson’s innovative E-TORL lamp, with its 135W delivering 1200 ANSI lm at an efficiency ratio of 8.9 lm/W, for superior brightness in its class.

The EMP-TW20 has a unique ‘digital direct’ progressive scan which processes the data from the source without converting the frames into interlace. This provides smoother images and prevents blurring and pixilation.

With six user selectable colour modes the brightness of the E-TORL lamp can be adjusted down to 350 ANSI lm in rooms where the ambient light level is low, to deliver a true to life cinema quality image. Theatre Black 1 is designed for High Definition television [HD-TV] programs, while Theatre Black 2 creates warm colours from DVDs for that in-theatre feeling.

Users can further personalise the colour and mode settings of the EMP-TW20, and save up to 15 pre-set colour modes of their own that suit their family’s taste and favourite locations – from the games room to the beach house.

The vertical and horizontal lens shift function allows the user to reposition the image up to 1.5 screen widths laterally and 2 screen widths vertically without altering the shape or compromising the image quality, so the projector can be placed off to the side while viewers see an undistorted image on the screen.

To complement its sophisticated projection technologies, the input interfaces on the EMP-TW20 include S-Video, mini D-Sub, RS232C, RCA component video, stereo audio, and composite video.

The Epson EMP-TW20 RRP is $1699 and it is available through Epson retailers.

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