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Epson releases four affordable low operating cost projectors

June 2007

Epson, the global market leader in projector sales, has released four new stylish, reliable and high performance multimedia projectors - the EMP -S5, EMP-X5, EMP-83 and the EMP-822 - with improved brightness, increased security and reduced operating costs for the education and business markets.

All four projectors use Epson's patented low cost E-TORL lamp with an extended life of 3000-4000 hours depending on operating mode, that provides a higher brightness at lower power consumption and can be replaced from just $320 plus GST. As a result the EMP -S5, EMP-X5, EMP-83 and the EMP-822 have a low operating power consumption of 231 watts and a standby consumption of just 5.8 watts.

Each projector has a tough built-in security bar that allows it to be locked to the mount as a reliable counter measure against theft when used in public areas and lecture rooms.

The EMP-S5 is ideal for home or office for movies, games, presentations and photos. Users can choose from one of eight preset colour modes - Game, Sports, Presentation, Theatre, Photo, Text, Blackboard, or sRGB - or fine tune the image to suit their particular needs and location.

The EMP-X5 has automatic source search and vertical keystone correction, along with a 5 second start-up time and instant shut down, making it a fast, easy to use and reliable companion for presenters on the move between training rooms or classrooms.

The EMP-83 has the highest speaker wattage of other projectors in its class with a built-in 7-watt speaker to reproduce deep, rich sound and audio clarity, eliminating the costs of an added audio set up. When external speakers are needed the Epson EMP-83's audio-out interface enables speakers to be connected directly to the projector, reducing set up time. The EMP-83 also has 2 PC inputs, an RS232 port for control, and an RJ45 for connection to a local area network.

The Epson EMP-822 offers high brightness of 2600 ANSI lumens at an affordable price and is perfect for training, seminars or conference rooms. The EMP-822 can be connected to the room's main power source so it can be activated by turning on the main power switch.

For optimal colour range and image clarity in a range of operating environments brightness ranges from 2000 ANSI lumen in the EMP -S5 to 2600 ANSI lumen in the EMP-822.

All projectors feature Epson's 3LCD technology with no moving parts and no interruptions to the light path generates bright, natural images, and smooth and sharp playback of action scenes with no colour break-up.

3LCD projectors operate at lower lamp temperatures than other projection systems of similar brightness, allowing for quick start up and shut down and most importantly, making the projector quieter with less fan noise. This also reduces operating costs by reducing the amount of power used for cooling during operation.

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Epson projectors are available now through Epson dealers.

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