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Simple to use, fast, accurate: Epson’s latest Ultra Short Throw interactive projectors

March 2012

Sydney, 1 March 2012: With easy-to-use yet sophisticated functions, Epson’s market leading projector technology and the lowest cost Epson replacement lamp ever, the affordable Epson EB-475Wi and EB-485Wi ultra short throw interactive projectors released today are continuing the revolution in interactive teaching and training.

Offering simultaneous dual pen interactivity, access to all the resources on your laptop, network and the internet, and instant capture of added content and notations - all without an interactive whiteboard - the Epson EB-475Wi and EB-485Wi make learning more meaningful and fun.

Installation is easy and fast with no driver software to install on networked computers and no need to calibrate: these projectors auto calibrate delivering highly accurate, fast response and reliable performance.

Epson’s interactive projectors have the fastest response to pen movements - as you move the pen notations are displayed virtually immediately - and the most accurate pen detection, so writing on the image and clicking through programs is easy and intuitive for students of all ages.

Both the EB-475Wi and EB-485Wi can be wall mounted (vertical projection) for larger group interaction or table mounted (horizontal projection) creating a more intimate workspace for collaborative projects and research.

The Easy Interactive Tools 2 software and Epson’s Instant Annotation mean there’s no need to wait for a PC to come online to handwrite notes and diagrams or annotate an image from a Document Camera or CD/DVD player. Simply turn on the projector and get to work.

The EB-475Wi (2600 lumen) and EB-485Wi (3100 lumen) are brighter than previous models, are smaller and more compact and also have a shorter minimum throw distance further reducing the possibility of shadowing and glare.

Also being released today in the Ultra Short Throw range are the EB-470, EB-475W, EB-480, EB-485W. These projectors have the same high performance specifications as the EB-475Wi and EB-485Wi (the EB-470 and EB-480 are XGA resolution) but are not interactive, and the brightness ranges from 2600 lumen White and Colour Light Output to 3100 lumen White and Colour Light Output.

Advanced connectivity and networking capability includes an HDMI port and an optional wireless card which also offers the capability of presenting wirelessly from Apple® iOS devices (with free Epson iProjection app).

Networked Epson projectors can be monitored and controlled from a remote location with functions including schedule power on or off timings, check projector status and receive maintenance alerts.

To ensure low cost of ownership the EB-400 Series has an estimated lamp life of up to 4,000 hours and a replacement cost of only $79RRP, and a high efficiency electrostatic filter with an estimated maintenance cycle of up to 5,000 hours.

RRP for the EB-400 Series projectors are:

Epson EB-485Wi $2,899
Epson EB-485W $2,499
Epson EB-485We (Education specific model) $2,499
Epson EB-480 $2,199
Epson EB-480e (Education specific model) $2,199
Epson EB-475Wi $2,599
Epson EB-475W $2,199
Epson EB-475We (Education specific model) $2,199
Epson EB-470 $1,999

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