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Epson partners with Kounta for revolutionary cloud compatible retail printing solution

September 2012

Epson has partnered with Kounta, a Cloud Based Point of Sale System out of Sydney, to launch its latest cloud compatible retail printing solution – the TM-i intelligent printer series TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i - in Australia.

With IHL Group reporting that mobility in retail is now a $5.5 billion business worldwide and the single fastest moving trend in retail since internet was added to stores, and that over 3.6 million tablets will be shipped for use in North American Retail/Hospitality by 2016, mobile technologies are rapidly changing the face and structure.

“Like many other industries retail is increasingly looking at how it can profit from cloud-based computing systems. As a renowned innovator across its core technologies Epson has launched a revolutionary POS printer series that will help retailers quickly and easily implement mobile retail solutions ensuring they stay ahead of the competition,” said Craig Heckenberg, Epson’s Business Unit Manager.

“Epson’s TM-i series printers communicate directly with remote devices such as tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices without the need for a server or PC. As a result this new range of intelligent POS printers is easily integrated into existing systems and very easy to use, helping retailers to reduce upfront investment costs (no PC, server or drivers needed),” said Craig.

“Our partnership with Kounta is a great way to both showcase the capabilities of these new printers and to introduce them immediately into existing cloud-based systems.”

Kounta CEO Nick Cloete said Epson’s new TM-i intelligent printer series is by far the most advanced cloud compatible POS printing solution out there and is a perfect complement to Kounta at a perfect time.

“We have been looking for a much more intelligent printing solution that would provide a more straightforward, elegant, plug and play point of sale experience accessible directly from tablets or smartphones to complement Kounta,” said Nick.

“With the TM-i intelligent printer series we now have, with the help of Epson, realised some amazing possibilities for retail and hospitality businesses, so it was a very easy decision to partner and work with Craig and his team around these exciting new retail technologies ” Nick said.

Kounta is an extremely flexible and scalable cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) system that works on anything, anywhere, anytime and is easy to use yet powerful enough to run any size Retail or Hospitality business. It is used by several multi-outlet retailers across Australia and is being migrated into other retailers that are running the company’s previous non-cloud based software.

“The TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i with Epson’s new ePos technology enable retailers and customers to print in-store receipts, tickets and coupons directly from tablets running Android, Windows and iOS, and other mobile devices, using popular web browsers (HTML5 capable),” said Craig.

“That makes Epson’s TM-i intelligent printer series a natural and extremely easy to use partner for cloud-based retail solutions like Kounta, enabling retailers to quickly and confidently adopt reliable cloud-based systems that really enhance the customer’s in-store experience.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with Epson to provide a much more intelligent retail experience for both merchants and their customers to step into a world of interaction rather than just transaction, through new Point of Sale technologies and beyond,” Nick said.

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