Epson Stylus Pro 4880 - 17" A2

Superb Black & White Printing

UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta

The combination of the Epson Stylus 4880, UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta and genuine Epson media delivers benefits that apply equally to any professional or commercial printing environment. The extensive design stages of all three key elements have focused on achieving perfect results from this unique combination. These results include:

Perfect media–to–application matching for black–and–white photography, colour photography, creative and fine–art photography, commercial proofing and graphic design.

Three Level Black Ink Technology
Over the years, the majority of silver–halide photographs have been in colour. Despite this, many professional photographers still choose black and white photography due to the simple and direct expression of the medium, in addition to the power that black and white photographs possess.

Until recently, it has been technically very difficult for black and white photographers to use digital photography because of colour twists and short tonal gradation which are inherent in digital printers. Epson's UltraChrome™ K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta eliminates these problems, allowing black and white photographers to fully express themselves using digital cameras and printers with quality rivaling that of silver–halide processes.

Three Level Black Ink Technology


Smooth Tonal Gradation
The three different density blacks found in UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta produce smooth gradation and less colour twist. The illustration below shows the smooth tonal scale that is produced using Light Light Black Ink.

Smooth Gradation


Improved Shadow + Highlight Detail
UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta produces more detail in both the shadow and highlight areas, thanks to the addition of the Light Light Black Ink.

Higher Black D–Max with Glossy Media
The Photo Black ink in the UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta ink set has a very high D–max. This is useful for reproducing jet black areas. The end results are prints containing a depth and richness never experienced before from a digital colour printer.

UltraChrome K3 Ink


Superior Neutral Grey Tones
When compared to other pigment ink sets, Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta, produces superior neutral grey tones because of its three level black ink technology. (Black, Light Black + Light Light Black)

Beautiful Neutral Grey Tones

Controllable Colour Toning
The three black inks and low saturation inks (such as light cyan and light magenta) allow for subtle colour tonings. Demanding professional photographers will appreciate this feature for producing various types of monochrome images.

Accurate Colour Matching Across Multiple Printers


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