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Auto Table for SD-10

Product Code: B42B900311

The Auto Table is an optional accessory for the SD-10 Spectrophotometer*. When combined with the SD-10 and Epson Edge Color Lite colour management software (compatible with Epson’s RIP software, Epson Edge Print PRO) offers a genuine colour management solution that addresses most colour management requirements and maximises print output quality. The combination allows users to effortlessly create their own media profiles. Additionally, it ensures stable output colour among multiple Epson printers of the same model.

Colour management is often seen as complex and demanding, requiring high technical skills, and posing challenges for customers. The Auto Table for SD-10 addresses this perception, offering a solution that enhance print quality and resolve colour matching issues across industries such as sign & display and textiles. In doing so, it dispels the misconception that colour management requires extensive technical expertise.


  • Easy, quick and simple operation – Fully automated chart measuring operation and all functions of Epson Edge Color Lite are seamlessly integrated in Epson Edge Print PRO.
  • High colour accuracy – Epson genuine colour management solution (SD-10, Auto Table for SD-10 and Epson Edge Color Lite) produces highly optimised media profiles for best output.
  • Compact and portable – Less space for installation and storage, and high portability with bundled carry case.
  • High quality gradation – Epson Edge Color Lite can produce smooth gradation without significant gamut downsizing.
  • Gamut viewer – The profile gamut can be visually checked and compared.
  • Fluorescent media profile – Optimised fluorescent colour media profiles can be created for SC-F6460H and SC-F10060H.
  • Easy and quick media installation – Automatic detection for media position and thickness.

Unified colour output among multiple Epson printers of the same model

This solution is fast too with quick auto measurement, facilitating the creation of an ICC profile by measuring only 379 patches (1 x A3 sheet), which takes less than five minutes. It allows for the verification and alignment of output colour across multiple Epson printers of the same model, as well as calibration and maintenance of stable output colour over extended periods on a single printer.

For enhanced usability, the Auto Table supports colour chart media sizes up to 331 mm high, 13 mm thick and virtually any length. It also detects media position and thickness automatically through the optical sensors.


The Auto Table boasts easy storage and portability, thanks to its compact design (550 × 395 × 128 mm) and the fact that it only weighs 3.4 kg - excluding its bundled carrycase and an SD-10.


* Sold separately or as a bundle.

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SD-10 Spectrophotometer

Product Code: B41CK17401

SD-10 Spectrophotometer.

The SD-10 Spectrometer is an ultra-compact high-precision spectrophotometer. Small in size but big in big in features it is designed to be your constant print companion. It lets you determine the exact colour of a test item and compare it with another or with a known standard such as PantoneĀ®. You can scan a series of items and compare the colours as a group. Data can be stored for subsequent recall, analysis and export. Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, it has a high capacity lithium ion battery so you can take it wherever you need to be; out with a customer or a supplier, over with a designer or down on the production floor. Most importantly the readings you take are accurate and consistent.

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