Epson Order Controller Software

Epson Order Controller Software
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Product Code: C12C843926
(Epson Global Code: C12C843926)
Suits Products: Stylus Pro 4900 - 17", Epson SureLab D3000 - Dry-film Minilab, Epson SureLab D700 - Dry-film Minilab, SureColor P600, SureColor P800, SureColor P7070 - 24", SureColor P9070 - 44", SureColor P6070 - 24", SureColor P8070 - 44", SureColor P5070 - 17", SureColor P906, SureColor P706, SureLab D860 - Dry-film Minilab, SureLab D1060 - Dry-film Minilab, SureColor P8560D - 44",


Epson Order Controller was developed for operators who need to need to print sets of photo images, as a back-end production service, at events, as a print for pay or retail service. The software was designed to work with Epson SureLab printers and will also drive a range of SureColor photo and fine art models up to 44” in width. It combines production control and scheduling functionality with a range of basic image editing tools (size, crop, sharpness, brightness, resolution, colour, tone, and red-eye removal). It can be used stand alone or in conjunction with 3rd party photo imaging and workflow software. It has configurable pre-sets to enable rapid job processing and will accept images in a variety of formats (Jpeg, tiff or bmp), either directly, or from a hot folder. Completed jobs can saved to a network folder, USB storage device, CD or DVD. When used with a D3000 it will manage the optional backprint and job sorter. When used with multiple printers it can be configured to automatically direct jobs to the appropriate device based on image size and media selection. When used with multiple SureLab printers of the same type/model it supports job splitting and load balancing.

Order Controller is supplied as a site license that is linked to a physical location. It requires a 64bit PC running Windows (Win 7 Pro/Ultimate or higher) with 8GB of memory and reasonable HDD storage. It can be configured to run as a background application on a stand-alone PC or as a network server. Each copy can be used to drive up to 4 printers with the licensing supporting installation of multiple copies on the same network at a single location. The software can be enhanced with an optional Layout & ID extension (C12C848061) that enables easy production of passport photos, images with custom borders & layouts.