Replacement 2L Waste Ink Bottle

Replacement 2L Waste Ink Bottle
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Product Code: C13T724000
(Epson Global Code: C13T724000)
Suits Products: SureColor S30600 - 64", SureColor S70600 - 64", SureColor S50600 - 64", SureColor F2000 - DTG, SureColor F7100 - 64", SureColor F9200 - 64", SureColor S40600 - 64", SureColor S80600 - 64", SureColor S60600 - 64", SureColor F7200 - 64", SureColor F6200 - 44", SureColor F2160 - DTG, SureColor F9360 - 64", SureColor F6360 - 44", SureColor V7000 - UV Flatbed, SureColor F9460 - 64", SureColor F9460H - 64" Fluro,


The waste ink bottle collects the small amount of excess ink which results from the printing and head cleaning process. One bottle is supplied with each printer and is re-usable. Additional &/or replacement bottles can be ordered if required.

Note: Waste Ink should be disposed of responsibly. A 10L recycling container suitable for Aqueous, Solvent, Dye Sub, UV and DTG ink is available from Epson Spares – product code 10-CUBE-N.