250ml SureColor-S Ink Cleaner

250ml SureColor-S Ink Cleaner
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Product Code: C13T699392
(Epson Global Code: C13T699392)
Suits Products: Stylus Pro GS6000 - 64", SureColor S30600 - 64", SureColor S70600 - 64", SureColor S50600 - 64", SureColor S40600 - 64", SureColor S80600 - 64", SureColor S60600 - 64",


Epson Ink Cleaner is required for periodic printer maintenance and cleaning. Each cleaning fluid is formulated for a specific ink type and should not be used for alternative inks unless expressly advised by an Epson technician. One bottle of Ink Cleaner is supplied with each new printer with additional ordered separately as required. Users should consult their operator manual before application and wear gloves at all times.

This fluid may be used to remove spilt ink from surfaces and material. As it includes aggressive chemicals a small area should be tested before use and Epson does not accept responsibility should damage occur.