ELPPN05A Easy Interactive Pen 1 (Orange)

ELPPN05A Easy Interactive Pen 1 (Orange)
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Product Code: V12H773010
(Epson Global Code: V12H773010)
Suits Products: MeetingMate EB-1460Ui, MeetingMate EB-1450Ui, Epson EB-696Ui, Epson EB-695Wie, Epson EB-695Wi, Epson EB-685Wi, Epson EB-675Wi, MeetingMate EB-1470Ui, Epson EB-710Ui, MeetingMate EB-1485Fi, MeetingMate EB-1480Fi, EB-735Fi, EB-725Wi, EB-770Fi, EB-760Wi,


Interactive Pen - Orange (marked with orange) is for use with Epson 500 and 600 Series interactive projectors. It is one of two interactive pens that can be used for simultaneous use. To use simultaneously, the other pen must be Interactive Pen B - Blue (marked with blue).