Replacement SureColor Maintenance Tank

Replacement SureColor Maintenance Tank
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Product Code: C13T699700
(Epson Global Code: C13T699700)
Suits Products: SureColor P6070 - 24", SureColor P7070 - 24", SureColor P7560 – 24”, SureColor P8070 - 44", SureColor P9070 - 44", SureColor P9560 – 44”, SureColor T3460 - 24", SureColor T3465 - 24", SureColor T5460 - 36", SureColor T5460M - 36", SureColor T5465 - 36"


This user replaceable waste ink tank is designed for selected SureColor printers. Each printer ships with 1 or more tanks depending on its size. Tanks are single use and when close to full the printer will request replacement. Printing will cease if they are allowed to become full. This waste tank works with the SureColor T3460/T5460/P6070/P7070/P8070 and P9070 printers