ELPAP09 Quick Wireless Key

ELPAP09 Quick Wireless Key
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Product Code: V12H005M09
(Epson Global Code: V12H005M09)
Suits Products: EB-520, EB-525W, EB-535W, Epson EB-1771W, Epson EB-1945W, Epson EB-1970W, Epson EB-1975W, Epson EB-1985WU, Epson EB-4750W, Epson EB-4770W, Epson EB-4950WU, Epson EB-4955WU, Epson EB-575W, Epson EB-575We, Epson EB-575Wi, Epson EB-575Wie, Epson EB-580, Epson EB-580e, Epson EB-585W, Epson EB-585We, Epson EB-585Wi, Epson EB-595Wi, Epson EB-595Wie, Epson EB-945, Epson EB-945H, Epson EB-955W, Epson EB-955WH, Epson EB-965, Epson EB-965H, Epson EB-G6050W, Epson EB-G6070W, Epson EB-G6250WNL, Epson EB-G6270WNL, Epson EB-G6350NL, Epson EB-G6370NL, Epson EB-G6550WUNL, Epson EB-G6570WUNL, Epson EB-G6750WUNL, Epson EB-G6770WUNL, Epson EB-G6900WUNL, Epson EB-G6970WUNL, Epson EB-G7000WNL, Epson EB-G7200WNL, Epson EB-G7400UNL, Epson EB-G7500UNL, Epson EB-G7800NL, Epson EB-G7905UNL, Epson EB-L1100UNL, Epson EB-L1200UNL, Epson EB-L1300UNL, Epson EB-L1405UNL, Epson EB-L1505UHNL, Epson EB-L1505UNL, Epson EB-L1755UNL, Epson EB-S120, Epson EB-S130, Epson EB-S31, Epson EB-U130, Epson EB-U32, Epson EB-W03, Epson EB-W120, Epson EB-W130, Epson EB-W32, Epson EB-X03, Epson EB-X120, Epson EB-X130, Epson EB-X21, Epson EB-X24, Epson EB-X31, Epson EB-X36, MeetingMate EB-1420Wi, MeetingMate EB-1430Wi


Provides fast, ad-hoc, wireless connectivity (PC only). There is no need to connect over a network. Simply plug USB key into a EPSON projector first and then plug it into PC afterwards, the key will download the information necessary for setup – no reconfiguration required and simple to use. (Projector must be wireless enabled model).