The Epson TW6100 Series brings larger than life experience to your
home. Immerse yourself in Full HD, 1080p performance and a remarkable
contrast ratio of up to 40,000:1. Boasting Wireless connections, built-in
speakers, and high brightness 3D, the TW6100 Series will take your
viewing experience to the next level.

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Think full high definition on a grand scale, the Epson TW6100 series provides an immersive Full HD 1080p Image up to an amazing 300‚?≥! Experience the drama of your favourite movie or the excitement of the big game with an image that is truly larger than life, right there in your own home.

Think cable-free installation and simple set up features. With WirelessHD, cable-free,
HDMI quality installations are now a reality.* With two built-in 10W speakers, the
Epson‚?Ts TW6100 series projectors deliver breathtaking home cinema experiences. The
flexibility of Epson‚?Ts sliding keystone correction enables you to quickly and easily
correct the image, to the exact position that‚?Ts perfect for your home cinema.
With pass-through mode, you can connect your TV and projector
and switch between devices (up to 5) without the need to
unplug and replug.
* Wireless HD only available in the TW6100W

Think big screen viewing of your
favourite television programs via a set-top
box. Experience the excitement, suspense
and heart stopping action of your
favourite programs on a screen more
than double the size of the biggest
flat panel display in the market.

Think thrilling 3D adventures in the comfort of your living room.
Featuring Bright 3D Drive technology, Epson's 480 Hz drive
system minimises the blackout time of 3D glasses and provides
greater brightness of 3D images. The projectors include two
pairs of 3D glasses in the box.

Think amazing audio, dual screen and crisp images for the ultimate sporting experience. The Epson TW6100 series features two built-in 10W stereo speakers to help recreate the stadium feeling, filling your living room with the roar of the crowd. The split screen feature ensures you‚?Tll never miss a moment of the action, allowing you to view two inputs simultaneously. While the 1080p resolution and high brightness of the projector will ensure a life-like image at a true to life size.

Think immersive gaming with superb colour accuracy and fast response times. With dual HDMI connectivity, Full HD 1080p performance and a remarkable contrast ratio of up to 40,000:1 the Epson TW6100 series delivers an amazing gaming experience! You can even play 3D games with the Epson projectors which include two pairs of 3D glasses in the box.

Think 3LCD technology, delivering amazing
colour and detail. Whether it‚?Ts a blockbuster
movie or live sporting event, 3LCD
technology takes video performance to the
next level. Delivering legendary image
quality, this innovative technology always
ensures a thrilling cinematic experience.

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Think market leading technology and quality. Epson are the
bestselling projector brand in Australia, New Zealand and globally.
Built with image quality and reliability in mind, Epson high-definition
projectors take home cinema entertainment to a whole new level,
featuring colour and detail that‚?Ts sure to win rave reviews from
friends and family alike.

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