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Selecting a Business Printer: What You Need to Know

05 May,2024

While digital solutions continue to evolve, printing and copying are also crucial for day-to-day operations. And that’s not changing anytime soon. However, time-consuming and outdated solutions can slow down business and hinder progress — no matter the industry. 

Are you trying to determine what route to go when selecting a printer or copier for your business? Learn about the top business printer and what sets it apart from the competition. Plus, discover key characteristics to consider when choosing a printer and copier.

Why a Reliable Printer and Copier Is Necessary for the Fast-Paced Business World

Businesses in all sectors must adapt as workflows evolve and customer expectations change, and a large part of that transformation is the technology that industries implement. Technology is meant to improve processes, not over complicate them. With this in mind, it’s vital to select equipment that aligns with your organisation’s goals and makes your team’s lives easier. 


Printers and copiers are paramount for daily activity within many businesses, meaning the reliability and quality of these solutions must meet demand. This is especially true for people-focused companies. School and medical facility employees’ schedules depend on classes and appointments, leaving them with minimal independent working time for tasks like printing, copying and organising documents.

Healthcare workers and educators, specifically, have very little free time during their days, and they must print class assignments and patient care documents quickly to provide the highest level of care and attention to those they serve. 

Additionally, workers in these industries desire to spend their time with what matters most to them: their students and patients. Older technology can eat up hours that could otherwise be spent checking in on people and providing extra guidance to those who require it. Implementing modern business printers and copiers not only saves money but also gives back precious time and energy. 

How To Select the Best Printer and Copier for Your Business

Not just any technology will do. You need equipment that’s designed for speed, accuracy and precision. When choosing a business printer and copier, you should consider the following factors:


Time is a precious commodity that workers can’t afford to waste. Rather than spend those few spare minutes waiting for the printer, these professionals should be able to quickly grab what they need and get back to their tasks. The printer you opt for should shorten the time spent on daily activities, reducing frustrating processes and providing better job satisfaction.

Epson AM-C business printers and copiers improve uptime for several industries, including education and healthcare, driving more productivity and efficiency, no matter the daily workload. 

Money and Resources

Medical service providers and educational institutions generally have smaller budgets for technology, as their operations require a larger portion of their available resources. For schools, inefficient printing tools and materials can cost thousands of dollars. By way of illustration, a school district with 10,000 students spends at least $200,000 (about $306,000 AUD) annually on paper alone, according to Frevvo. Because funding can be tight, companies need an inexpensive copier and printer that won’t compromise on quality. 

Epson’s printers are more cost-effective than many other competing brands, freeing up funds for other key areas or operations. 


Every company has green initiatives in place to cut greenhouse gas emissions and lower their carbon footprint. Choosing technology that’s better for the planet without sacrificing quality can help your business reach its goals. 

Epson printers and copiers use up to 75% less energy to print a page compared with a laser competitor*, providing immediate savings in printer and copier-related electricity costs, along with associated reductions in CO2 emissions.

Epson’s AM-C Series: Printers and Copiers Designed With Your Business in Mind

While there are countless options, other printers can’t provide the same results as Epson’s in terms of productivity and efficiency. Epson’s top-performing business printer and copier is the Workforce Enterprise AM-C4000 printer, which is part of the AM-C series of business solutions. 

This solution offers:

Zero-Second Warm-Up Time


The AM-C4000 has a zero-second warm-up time and can print 40 pages per minute, meaning you can complete a 20-page print job in just over 30 seconds. Many competitors take 30 seconds to warm up and only then are they ready to start printing. Epson’s Heat-Free Technology enables you to get back to work faster compared to a competitive product using laser or LED technology. Multiply this process across all staff and print/copy devices and the productivity benefits are significant.

High-Yield Inks

When looking at other companies' toner cartridges, Epson’s business printers and copiers last longer, resulting in fewer disruptions for staff, more uptime for the devices, less frustration and improved productivity.

Fewer Moving Parts

Enjoy improved efficiency, increased reliability and more uptime by choosing a printer that’s not complex or difficult. Selecting technology that simplifies tasks provides teachers and medical professionals with more time in their days and helps them boost productivity in their work. Epson’s Heat Free technology does not rely on fuser units — which generate heat — in the printing process and also doesn’t use drums nor developers, unlike laser or LED technology. 

Improve Efficiency and Productivity With Epson

Ready to maximise performance and productivity at your workplace? Take a look at Epson’s AM-C business printers and copiers today and see the quality for yourself. 

*Comparing Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000 maximum energy usage whilst printing of 110 watts with the average maximum energy usage of 1,235 watts of 27 competitive laser devices (35 to 45 ppm A3 colour MFD segment in Australia) as at March 2023 according to data from Keypoint Intelligence.

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