Epson Light Scene Laser Projectors

LightScene Laser Projectors

The Evolution of Spatial Design

Captivate your audience by simultaneously illuminating and projecting on virtually any surface or material, unleashing dynamic, experiential content for digital art, commercial signage and d├ęcor applications.

Water Immersion

LightScene supports edge-blending and projection mapping onto virtually any material to create truly immersive 360-degree environments. In this Water Immersion concept, animated images are projected onto the walls and floor while flowing water is projected onto fabric to create movement and enhance the underwater illusion.

Health Cave

In the Health Cave concept, runners select their terrain of preference and pre-recorded video is projected onto the walls and floor, along with real-time workout data, to virtually transport the runner into another world.

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Bespoke Brand Space

LightScene projectors combine projection mapping and motion graphics to create an interactive in-store experience. In this interactive concept, the shoe design selected by the customer is projected onto the shoe model along with design-specific images projected on the walls and displays.

Interesting Shadow

Combining interactive elements and reactive display content, LightScene projects drink information, special offers, reservations and other customised messages onto a bar-top surface in this concept.

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Individual Journey

In the Individual Journey concept, LightScene projectors are used to captivate resort visitors by projecting imagery of the location, its attractions and other intriguing information onto the walls and floors at the front desk and in the lobby.

Living Wall

When customers place an order at this juice bar, their journey begins. LightScene projectors are used to educate and engage customers through imagery, motion and information about the ingredients and benefits of their juice while it is made.

Projector Totem

In this captivating concept, the viewing audience transitions from ancient to modern times through a combination of projection mapping onto a fixed sphere and edge blending onto three surrounding walls.

Immersive Cinema

Synchronised imagery, animation and messaging jump off of the theatre screen and onto the walls and floors to create a unique and captivating experience for the viewing audience.

Car Mapping

In this digitally enhanced vehicle showroom concept, projection mapping and animation are used to project imagery and content on the exterior of the vehicle and surrounding walls.

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