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At Epson, we strive to exceed your vision. Our aim is to exceed customer expectations by delivering first class customer service and support. With a variety of service options to choose from, you can rest assured knowing that you'll receive fast, reliable and professional support. You can rely on Epson.

Customer Surveys

To ensure that we deliver outstanding customer service and support, we regularly survey our customers and they consistently score us at over 90% for Customer Satisfaction!

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All of our products come with an express warranty but if you're looking for long term cover then Epson CoverPlus is the answer. CoverPlus is our customer service and support program offering a variety of service and support options for your machine giving you the flexibility to choose an option that suits your specific needs and budget.

Purchase one of our Epson CoverPlus service options and you'll be covered by our highest priority support, repair or replacement programs ensuring your personal and business needs are covered.

CoverPlus features


Quang Nguyen

Quang, one of Epson's senior technical Engineers has been with Epson for over 25 years working in the Epson's Repair Centre. In this time he has mastered the craft of servicing Epson products and become a subject matter expert in Epson Technology. His experience is invaluable, whether it be mentoring and passing his knowledge onto other colleagues, supporting and training our Authorised Service Partners or resolving the most complex of issues. Quang's skills and commitment has contributed to Epson's excellent Customer Satisfaction results.

Quang Nguyen

Stephen Lawrenson

Stephen is Epson's Call Centre and Advanced Product Support Manager and has been with Epson for 18 years. With over 37 years of experience in the field of Customer Service, Stephen is a seasoned manager responsible for ensuring Epson customers receive the best possible technical support whether it is through our online technical resources or over the phone. Collectively, the Epson Call Centre and Advanced Product support teams consistently exceed over 90% Customer Satisfaction.

Stephen Lawrenson

Phil Brown

Phil is one of Epson's Service Coordinators and has been a part of the Epson Service Support team for 17 years. Phil is dedicated to ensuring customers with Professional Graphics, Commercial and Industrial products are back up and running as quickly as possible. Understanding the reliance customers have with these products, Phil works closely with our sales partners and Authorised Service Agents to ensure our customers receive the quality services they need and the best care possible.

Phil Brown