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Fast, accurate proofing

One of the advantages of digital photography is that it allows photographers to see the result of their shots immediately. Unfortunately, the LCDs in most digital still cameras and even laptops do not display images adequately enough to make critical judgments.

The Epson P-6000/P-7000 by comparison offers a highly accurate display of the original image colour on the large 4.0 inch Photo Fine Premia LCD, which boasts both a wide viewing angle and a wide colour range. The display produces beautiful images even when viewed from an angle of 80 degrees from the top, bottom, left, or right, and covers 94% of the Adobe® RGB colour gamut. Image zoom view and over/under-exposure information view features support efficient photo selection flow.

Furthermore, a rating function allows image selection results to be saved, and easily transferred to Adobe® Bridge for sharing.

A portable backup device

The portability of the Epson P-6000/P-7000 offers professionals an easy and reliable way to prevent data loss due to the malfunction of camera memory cards, and also offers high capacity storage space (80GB for the Epson P-6000, 160GB for the Epson P-7000) and high-speed backup.

Differential backup provides an efficient way to backup data, as only the new data on any memory card will be transferred. This also reduces the time necessary for each backup, and assists in the organisation of data for each photography session.

Create your image

The RAW processing and JPEG retouching functions of the Epson P-6000/P-7000 enable you to work with your freshly taken images right there in the field.

By connecting to PictBridge supported printers, you can print photographic work and contact sheets with the easy to use Print Wizard. This allows you to crop images, edit print layout, and add watermarks to copyright your work.

Key features

  • Photo Fine Premia LCD: Four-colour filter wide gamut and wide view angle LCD with the low power consumption needed for a portable device. Adobe® RGB supported.
  • Selectable colour temperature and gamma
  • USB display: Acts as a USB wide gamut display with Adobe® Photoshop® on PC or Mac
  • Built-in CF and SDHC memory card slots for backup
  • Compatible with UDMA high-speed CF cards
  • Differential backup for improved backup speed and efficient handling of data
  • Jog dial to scroll through images
  • Rating function: 5 star rating system compatible with Adobe® Bridge
  • RAW processing: Editing and creation of JPEG files
  • Create custom prints with the Print Wizard
  • Direct print to PictBridge supported printers