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Taking Care of Photographs

New DURABrite ink from Epson means beauty doesn't have to fade.

It's a new pigment-based ink with a unique resin layer. Prints made with conventional inks, when mounted on an unprotected surface, are likely to fade within months from exposure to fluorescent light, ultraviolet rays or ozone. Our new DURABrite ink is made from insoluble particles of resin-coated pigment. The result is images that are fade-resistant and water-resistant. In fact, your prints will keep their original colours for up to eighty years under normal light, and up to thirty years with exposure to ozone.*

DURABrite ink gives long lasting power to everything printed with Epson's photo printers; from ordinary text document to highly-detailed photographs.

* Using Epson Matte Paper-Heavy Weight

What is DURABrite Ink?

DURABrite Ink is a revolutionary pigment-based ink technology that not only gives you the superior image quality you need, but provides the water, smudge, and light resistance you want. DURABrite Ink is exclusively featured in the Epson Stylus C63, C65 and C83 series inkjet printers and the Epson Stylus CX5300 and CX6500 multifunctional printers.


  • Superb print quality, optimised for plain paper printing
  • Sharp, dark text printing without feathering
  • Water-resistant prints, even on plain paper
  • Light-resistance for preservation of cherished photos and important documents

Plain and specialty paper printing perfection - this is Epson DURABrite™ INK.

It's the ink designed for incredible print durability, with even plain paper prints.
Featuring up to 80 years* lightfastness and gasfastness as well as amazingly high levels of water and smudge resistance. It's the ink designed for almost total print durability and then add to this the brilliance and depth of colour for which Epson inks are famous.

* On Epson Matte Paper - Heavy Weight

DURABrite™ Ink Weathers all conditions

Photo quality prints

DURABrite™ INK gives you sharp, vivid photos on both plain, specialty papers and now DURABrite Photo Paper.

Long life prints

Resisting the ravages of ultraviolet light is one of DURABrite INK's strongest features. Epson accelerated tests have shown that documents and photographs printed with DURABrite INK last up to 80 years* on Epson Matte Paper - Heavyweight. DURABrite INK also withstands the damages of airborne contaminants.

Withstanding spills

The soft yet extremely strong protective resin coating that surrounds every DURABrite INK particle affords high levels of durability, withstanding even spills, humidity and the moisture introduced by using high lighter pens and daily handling.

Prints that don't smudge

One of the most destructive influences on any document is people. Even everyday handling can result in smudged documents and photos. DURABrite INK has been designed to withstand rough handling and keep documents clear and crisp.

Brilliant colour and detail

When inks are absorbed by paper fibres, which happens frequently with plain and recycled papers, light has less chance to reflect the colour. DURABrite INK avoids this with its protective resin coating, which bonds the particles to form a smooth and uniform surface for greater light reflection.

Clarity of text and images

DURABrite INK particles are encapsulated in a resin coating. They don't penetrate plain paper like other inks (as this causes a feathering effect, giving the characters a jagged edge.) With DURABrite INK, text and graphics are much sharper on both plain and recycled paper.

What to expect from DURABrite Ink

With Epson DURABrite Ink, you get bold, black text and rich, vibrant colours, for results you'll enjoy for years to come. DURABrite is also water and smudge resistant, which prevents accidental damage caused by moisture and spills. What's more, DURABrite is fade resistant, so your cherished photos and important documents will stand up to harsh outdoor sun or indoor lighting.