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Epson Ink Yield Testing Methodology

Epson uses internal test standards for inkjet yield testing because there are no international or common industry standards as yet. Epson fully supports the efforts of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to develop such standards, which may be finalized in 2006. Epson will adopt the IS0 standards once they are finalized.

In the absence of ISO standards, Epson encourages users to consider independent third party data and to use manufacturers' data primarily as a comparision between printers.

Epson's test methods and patterns are intended to approximate the type of testing that Epson anticipates will be defined by the ISO standard. Some companies may not use test conditions as rigorous as Epson’s or the ISO standard

Since all yield tests are based on fixed conditions, actual yields will vary according to factors such as images printed, printer settings, paper types, frequency of use, humidity and temperatures.

Epson's Testing Parameters

  • Test room-temperature at about 75 degrees F (24 degrees C) and humidity at about 50% Relative Humidity
  • Black and colour patterns are printed in default mode on plain paper with print commands from a late model PC using Microsoft Windows
  • Reported yields are averaged from tests with at least three printers using at least three cartridges of each colour, excluding the first installed cartridges.
  • A cartridges must be replaced when the printer signals that it is used up and that it will not print without replacement of that cartridge.
  • Average yields are rounded down and are qualified by the word “approximately” to acknowledge that many factors may affect actual yields
  • The black tea and graphics pattern and the colour graphics pattern are printed as a set
  • Only the black text and graphics pages are counted for black yields and only the colour text graphics pages are counted for colour yields.
  • Colour yields are an average of yields from all the individual colour cartridges
  • Test are conducted with the following print patterns:
Ink Yield

*The yield from Black Ink Cartridges is for continuous printing in draft mode A4 size of the text & graphics in print sample No.4 shown above.
*The composite yield from colour cartridges is for continuous printing in draft mode A4 size of the text & graphics in print sample No.5 show above.
*These figures will vary subject to paper size, print quality mode and other environmental factors.