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PerfectPicture™ Imaging System

Epson have looked at how every aspect of inkjet printing contributes to colour print quality. This has led to the development of the PerfectPicture Imaging System which relies on four key technology improvements:

  • MicroPiezo technology (hardware)
  • Quick-Dry ink
  • AcuPhoto Halftoning (software)
  • Epson Specialty Media
3x size

MicroPiezo™ technology

With the development of MicroPiezo technology Epson has taken a giant step forward in inkjet printing. MicroPiezo technology offers the following key features:

  • faster ink ejection
  • smaller, accurately formed ink droplets

These Super MicroDots are now three times smaller than previous Stylus printers allowing the latest Stylus inkjets to print at a world beating 1440 dpi resolution.

Super MicroDot Technology™ gives dots that are so small that they are almost at the limit of human vision, allowing the latest Stylus printers to output quality pages that are printed with photographic quality without the need for special inks or additional cartridges.

small dots

As the magnified images shown on the right demonstrate, the new generation Stylus ink dots (left) are far more precise and perfectly formed than the dots produced by inkjet technologies used by other manufacturers (right).

In addition to providing 1440 dpi resolution, the new generation of Stylus inkjets print faster than previous models. This increase in speed is achieved by:

  • increased number and faster firing nozzles in print head
  • faster printer processors and motors
  • enhanced printer driver speed (up to 40%)

Epson Quick-Dry™ inks

Epson's newly developed Quick-Dry inks are 30% more colourful than before, giving vivid reproduction on all types of paper. In addition they are Super Penetrating and High Concentrating which means that individual drops of ink don't spread and interact when they are absorbed by the paper, leading to sharp, perfectly formed dots.

AcuPhoto™ Halftoning

One of the most important influences of final print quality is the printer driver - the software used to translate your output to the printer. The latest drivers shipped with Stylus printers have a number of key new features including:

  • Epson Advanced Error Diffusion technology
  • High speed 3-dimensional colour look-up tables

Error diffusion provides an advanced Halftoning system, leading to smooth tones and gradations, while Epson's advanced colour look-up tables ensure that printed output closely matches the colours of original images. In addition, both Windows 95 ICM and Apple ColorSync colour matching systems are supported by Epson's new drivers.

Paper Packs

Epson Photo Quality Paper

Epson Photo Quality Papers are the fourth element of the PerfectPicture Imaging System. Treated with a special transparent coating, they enhance overall image quality. In addition to allowing the full volume of applied ink to penetrate instantly, the coating contains particles which lock in the individual ink droplets. This assures superb colour definition, and creates a finished image of outstanding sharpness and clarity.

Epson PerfectPicture Imaging System

Highly advanced MicroPiezo technology provides 1440 dpi resolution, which combined with the Epson Quick-Dry inks and AcuPhoto imaging technology provides unbeatable colour printing that is easy to use, incredibly quick and gives the highest print quality ever.