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Photo Reproduction Quality

To address demand for the ultimate in PHOTO print quality, Epson have developed Photo Reproduction Quality or PRQ to accurately reproduce both areas of strong colour and areas of pale or light colours such as skin tones.

Dark colours are normally reproduced using a high density of dots, while areas of light colour require the number of dots to be greatly reduced. This means that for lighter tones it is not always easy to render colour gradations by dot density alone as the dispersed dot pattern can become visible, leaving a grainy effect and preventing detail from being rendered crisply.

Epson have overcome this problem by using 2 key advances: two additional ink colours, light cyan and light magenta and improved driver technologies These 2 additional inks when used in combination with the standard 4 colour cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink allow Epson Photo printers to output with true photographic print quality.

The new PRQ printer drivers ensure that each individual ink droplet is placed accurately. Epson enhanced Error Diffusion provides an advanced halftoning system, leading to smooth tones and gradations. In addition the Epson PhotoEnhance function automatically adjusts colour, brightness, exposure and contrast to optimise printed output from many sources, including photographs, Photo CDs, digital cameras and scanners.