Double quotation marks Which of my photographs is my favourite?
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The Epson Ambassador Program

Here, we celebrate Australia's leading photographers whose extraordinary expertise and achievements have garnered international renown and respect.

At the heart of their craft lies unyielding dedication and understanding of light, composition and colour among many disciplines. This mastery over years of hard work and study embraces the use of Epson's printing technology to create the most captivating images bar none.

Epson is proud to partner with these elite photographers in the process of capturing images and turning them into stunning physical prints.

Discover answers, inspiration, and then some from their finest work below.

Ali Nasseri Photo

Ali Nasseri

Double quotation marks  You really can't fall in love with your work on screen.  Double quotation marks

Ali's approach to the art of photography is from a documentary point of view with a graphic aesthetic. The Epson Ambassador uses high contrast black and white 35 mm film, working with grain and texture to create raw images that feel emotive yet abstract.


Christian Fletcher Photo

Christian Fletcher

Double quotation marks  I want to concentrate on making my images better... I'm hanging out with some of the best guys in the game in Australia and I think we have some of the best photographers in the world, in this country.  Double quotation marks

Christian Fletcher has been a professional photographer for three decades. The core of his photography is in capturing the beauty in landscapes, teaching his technical skills to others, and using his photography to reinforce the connections we all have with our natural environment. He has a gallery in Dunsborough and has been printing his work for 15 years exclusively on Epson printers.


Clare Oliver Photo

Clare Oliver

Double quotation marks  I pledge to the children of today, that I will help their parents to learn the skill of documenting and archiving their photographs properly... so there will not be a lost generation of pictures left in the cloud for centuries or on a hard drive in a drawer!  Double quotation marks

Clare has an amazing ability to capture the moment. Her fresh and passionate approach to her work sees her in high demand as a commercial and portrait photographer.

Over the past few years, she's been delving into the world of commercial photography and has worked for clients as diverse as Rolls Royce, Domain Fashion Week, Bank West and Lotus.

With a true love of capturing the joy and excitement of life with her photographs, Clare is known within the industry as one of the most promising young photographers today who has already being called upon by the AIPP to lecture nationally alongside her peers and mentors.


Darran Leal Photo

Darran Leal

Double quotation marks  I'm a big believer to achieve the best in camera first. I don't like to 'over process' my work.  Double quotation marks

Darran started his professional photography career as the photographer on Norfolk Island in the 1980's. He has written and self-published 6 books and has images in over 200 books worldwide. He has written nearly 300 articles for around 20 magazines. As an Epson Ambassador, he leads photographers of all levels to many of the world's most captivating locations and is one of the world's few full-time professional photo guides.


David Evans Photo

David Evans

Double quotation marks  Epson Australia isn't just a corporation that enables me to create incredible prints - it is an integral part of the professional photographic community in Australia and around the world.  Double quotation marks

David Evans is a renowned Australian Master of Photography who creates peerless work of high fidelity, depth and substance. He started photographing in the 90s, on the watershed of the golden age of film and the shiny, glittering age of the pixel. David's philosophy of 'painting' with light has kept him happily the old school, maintaining a love of medium and large format film. Moving with the times however, David now also uses medium format digital capture married with advanced printing technology for the reproduction of his fine art pieces. David's motivation is to remind us that wild, untamed and sublime places are critical elixirs in life – and through travel, nature, observation and art, we find clarity and our true spirit.


David Oliver Photo

David Oliver

Double quotation marks  The decisive moment - when emotion, expression and light come together.  Double quotation marks

David's ability to capture incredible images has been recognised by his photographic profession where he is a Grand Master in the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and an ambassador for Epson. He has been respected and considered worldwide for his individual and timeless style. Commissions encompass amazing locations across the globe from medieval castles in Ireland to New York's Central Park.


Kelly Champion Photo

Kelly Champion

Double quotation marks  I use far too many exclamation marks. I make no apologies; life should be lived to the full extent of exclamation marks.  Double quotation marks

A mother, a wife, an artist and an Epson Ambassador who's made a passion into a profession, Kelly is a preserver of memories, capturing magic, love and laughter. In 2017 she was awarded, for a second time, the following awards: SA AIPP Documentary Photographer of the Year AND the SA AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year and just recently was named AIPP Australian Professional Family Photographer of the Year. Family oriented, an admirer of a good laugh, Kelly successfully runs her critically acclaimed photography profession alongside a happy, healthy family.


Ken Duncan Photo

Ken Duncan

Double quotation marks  The hardest part about photography is getting out of bed.  Double quotation marks

Ken was a pioneer of the dream to see photography widely accepted as an art form in this country. The increasing number of Australian photographers now emulating his panoramic style and finding a market for their work is testimony to Ken's success. He's a proud pioneer and we're proud to call him an Epson Ambassador.


Keren Dobia Photo

Keren Dobia

Double quotation marks  A passion for your craft and utter enthusiasm when creating the perfect image will inspire and excite everyone around you.  Double quotation marks

Keren is a photographer and creative director of theatrical compositions. Her passion for the visual arts is what has driven her to create much of her dramatic and emotive imagery. A graduate of NMIT Diploma of Photoimaging, where she is now a lecturer, Keren is also a proud Epson Ambassador.


Marcus Bell Photo

Marcus Bell

Double quotation marks  When someone puts love, passion and creativity in what they do, and they do it exceptionally well, making a statement along the way – surely that is a form of art.  Double quotation marks

Bringing together a group of likeminded creatives Marcus has built a photography studio recognised internationally for the creativity, quality and professionalism of their work. Marcus' natural ability to capture the spirit and character of the people he photographs forms the base of the studio's signature style. He is one of the most experienced photographers around, with a swathe of awards to prove his talent. But Marcus' photography is not about him. Photography is his way of giving others a record of their love, those meaningful moments to hold onto forever.


Mogo Zoo Photo

June Andersen

Double quotation marks  Pixels on a screen are an image on a journey to completion – only a print can be considered the finished artwork  Double quotation marks

June operates the MOGO ZOOm Learning Centre including the 'Through The Lens Experience' MOGO ZOOm photography course.
Other courses include nature photography, Adobe Lightroom, conservation framing and fine art printing using large format Epson printers and media. Topics are covered in class or one-on-one sessions.
June brings 40 years of experience in the visual arts profession to her teaching.


Peter Eastway Photo

Peter Eastway

Double quotation marks  Understanding the craft and technique behind this automation is the only way you will advance your skills as a photographer.  Double quotation marks

Peter is a 'Grand Master of Photography', an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. He won the 1996 and 1998 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year Award. He is a WPPI Master of Photography and a long serving Epson Ambassador.


Ray Collins Photo

Ray Collins

Double quotation marks  My aim is to show the ocean as a living, breathing thing; to document it in all its intimidating strengths; and to bring awareness to its quiet fragility.  Double quotation marks

Exploring the complexities of water and light and capturing the last burst of ephemeral energy as a wave completes itʼs journey to shore, it was there that Ray found himself and his passion.
Ray's signature style of moody seascapes bought the attention of the art world and nature lovers across the globe.
In his short career progression from shooting his friends surfing heʼs worked with some of the biggest automotive, computer, aviation and fashion companies in the world while giving back through NGOʼs to further help in plasticʼs education of our society in relation to the ocean.


Rocco Ancora Photo

Rocco Ancora

Double quotation marks  For me a good photograph has to be full of emotion, mood and atmosphere. Connecting with people is easy if they feel comfortable around you.  Double quotation marks

Rocco, one of Australia's leading wedding photographers and an Epson Ambassador, has a distinctive style, imbued with classical and romantic imagery, evocative lighting and composition, like films from the 1940s and 1950s. This is complemented by a special ability common to all great portraitists: being able to connect with people so they interact comfortably with the photographer and feel at ease in front of the camera.


Steve Wise Photo

Steve Wise

Double quotation marks  The great challenge for photographers of people is to delve past what is seen on the surface and discover who a person is - not to just take photos, snapshots, but to strive to take images that capture and portray a story, an event, a place.  Double quotation marks

Epson Ambassador Steve boasts 15 years' experience in the photographic and graphic design industry, working with a relaxed approach coupled with attention to detail and the highest regard for the service he provides. His distinctive style and creative approach has earned him multiple photographic awards at State, National and International level. More recently, his fine-art portraiture work secured him the WA AIPP Portrait Photographer of the Year on three occasions.


Tony Hewitt Photo

Tony Hewitt

Double quotation marks  Look for the simple in the complicated. It's important to always enjoy building layers of meaning within the image to allow the viewer the joys of further discovery after they have seen the obvious.  Double quotation marks

Tony is a 'Grand Master of Photography' of the prestigious Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). He is an Honorary Fellow of the AIPP and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. We're proud to call Tony an Epson Ambassador and friend.


Warren Macris Photo

Warren Macris

Double quotation marks  Many see High Res Digital as a creative haven – an environment where artists and photographers can explore and achieve their visions in a relaxed, collaborative manner.  Double quotation marks

Apart from running courses in basic and advanced photography, black and white and colour printing, Warren also designed and runs teacher training programs for High School photography teachers in both NSW and South Australia. An Epson Ambassador, he believes that we have now entered a golden age for photography and printing.