Epson Business Systems

In an almost countless number of restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, self-service kiosks and supermarkets across Australia, Epson Business Systems work quietly and reliably behind the scenes and at the front counter to provide users with optimal performance.

Epson's Sydney building
  • System Hardware Platforms

    A range of incredibly innovative Point Of Sale (POS) terminals and registers, Epson System Hardware Platforms represent industry leading levels of performance and reliability combined with stylish design.
  • Receipt Printers

    A comprehensive range of black-and-white and colour mini-printers used broadly in POS, utility, banking and label applications.
  • Customer Displays

    Capitalising on Epson's advances in LCD technology, Epson customer information displays are the choice of many of Australia's leading POS system designers and integrators.
  • OEM Printers

    Epson OEM printers utilise proven impact and thermal printing technologies to function faultlessly in self-service kiosk and ATM environments where reliability is of paramount importance.

"The ultimate goal of our technology overhaul was to bring in the very best of technology for our main office and retail operations. And every bit of that technology had to embody reliability, ease-of-use, versatility to cater to a growing and evolving was a case of Epson stays!"
- Paul Lacy, General Manager, kikki.K

"The most straightforward reason [for choosing Epson Business Systems] is that it was undoubtedly the one solution that afforded us the best quality, functionality and even with that, the best price by almost 40 per cent."
- Stewart Koziora, Wagamama Australia Restaurant chain