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User-replaceable, high efficiency lamps designed to replace original Epson projector lamps

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ELPAF45 Air Filter V13H134A45 $55.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP03 Lamp EMP5000/7000 V13H010L03    
ELPLP05 Lamp EMP5300/7200/7300 V13H010L05    
ELPLP07 Lamp EMP5550/7550 V13H010L07    
ELPLP11 Lamp EMP8100/8150/9100 V13H010L11    
ELPLP12 Lamp EMP7600/7700/5600 V13H010L12    
ELPLP15 Lamp EMP600/800/810/811/820 V13H010L15    
ELPLP18 Lamp EMP720/730/735 V13H010L18    
ELPLP21 Lamp for EMP-73 V13H010L21    
ELPLP22 LAMP EMP7800/7850/7900 V13H010L22    
ELPLP23 LAMP EMP8300 V13H010L23 $1,319.00
ELPLP25H Lamp for EMP-TW10 V13H010L2H $419.00
ELPLP26 LAMP EMP-9300 V13H010L26    
ELPLP27 Lamp for EMP-74 V13H010L27    
ELPLP33 Lamp for EMP-S3 / S3L / TW20 / TWD1 V13H010L33 $389.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP36 Lamp for EMP-S4 V13H010L36    
ELPLP37 Lamp for EMP-6100 V13H010L37    
ELPLP38 Lamp for EMP-1700, EMP-1710, EMP-1715 V13H010L38 $439.00
ELPLP44 Lamp for EMP-DM1 & EH-DM2 V13H010L44 $211.00
ELPLP45 Lamp for EMP-6110 V13H010L45    
ELPLP46 Lamp EB-G5200W / G5200WNL / G5350 / G5350NL V13H010L46    
ELPLP47 Lamp EB-G5100 / G5100NL V13H010L47 $682.00
ELPLP48 Lamp EB-1725 / 1735W V13H010L48 $476.00
ELPLP49 Lamp for EH-TW3000, EH-TW3200, EH-TW3500, EH-TW3600, EH-TW4000, EH-TW4500, EH-TW5000 & EH-TW5500 V13H010L49 $396.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP51 Replacement lamp EB-Z8000WU & EB-Z8050W V13H010L51 $708.00
ELPLP52 2 x Replacement lamps for EB-Z8000WU & EB-Z8050W V13H010L52 $1,206.00
ELPLP53 Lamp for EB-1830, EB-1900, EB-1910, EB-1915, & EB-1925W Projectors V13H010L53 $612.00
ELPLP56 E-TORL Lamp for EH-DM3 Projector ELP-LP56 $212.00
ELPLP60 Projector Lamp for EB-95/905, EB-420/425 V13H010L60 $203.00
ELPLP61 Projector Lamp for EB-915W/925, EB-430/435 V13H010L61 $203.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP62 Lamp for EB-G5450WU / EB-G5600NL V13H010L62 $682.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP63 Lamp for EB-G5600 / G5650W / G5750WU / G5800 / G5950 V13H010L63 $748.00
ELPLP64 Projector Lamp V13H010L64 $408.00
ELPLP65 Lamp V13H010L65 $99.00
ELPLP67 Projector Lamp V13H010L67 $99.00
ELPLP68 Projector Lamp V13H010L68 $396.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP69 Projector Lamp V13H010L69 $139.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP71 Projector Lamp V13H010L71 $79.00
ELPLP75 Projector Lamp V13H010L75 $203.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP76 Projector Lamp V13H010L76 $271.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP78 Projector Lamp V13H010L78 $99.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP79 Lamp 215W UHE V13H010L79 $79.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP80 Lamp 245W UHE V13H010L80 $79.00
ELPLP81 Replacement lamp (1 unit) V13H010L81 $707.00
ELPLP82 Replacement lamp (2 units) V13H010L82 $1,198.00
ELPLP83 Portrait lamp (1 unit) V13H010L83 $707.00
ELPLP84 Portrait lamp (2 units) V13H010L84 $1,198.00
ELPLP85 Projector Lamp V13H010L85 $126.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP87 Projector Lamp V13H010L87 $99.00
ELPLP88 Projector Lamp V13H010L88 $99.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP89 Replacement Lamp V13H010L89 $139.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP90 Lamp V13H010L90 $83.00
ELPLP91 Lamp V13H010L91 $83.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP92 Lamp V13H010L92 $83.00
ELPLP93 Projector Lamp V13H010L93 $271.00 Out of stock
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ELPLP94 Lamp V13H010L94 $134.00
Replacement Lamp ELPLP77 V13H010L77 $203.00
Replacement Lamp ELPLP95 V13H010L95 $135.00 Out of stock
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Replacement Lamp ELPLP96 V13H010L96 $64.00 Out of stock
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Replacement lamp to suit Z-Series V13H010L72 $707.00
Replacement lamp to suit Z-Series (Twin Pack) V13H010L73 $1,198.00